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DTE Teens Perform This Friday

Check out details on PxP.

Artoberfest 2010 this Weekend

If you love cheesy puns & local art, this is the event for you! (I kid- I love cheesy puns.)

Adams IV for D. News

Ever wonder what the workspaces of local sculptors, painters, carvers and photographers look like? This weekend, artists of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens are opening up their doors to showcase their crafts.
Check out the Daily News for details, and for a mini-spotlight on one local artist, Rek Santiago.

Tomorrow: Andrew Butler @ ANT Fest

Andrew Butler is a mulit-talented, wonderful artist who has taught in DTE’s in-school programs, is currently (2nd session today!) doing the In Transition Theater Workshop with local young people, and performed for some friends of DTE back in August at the Clover Club.

Tomorrow night, check out his one-man show (excerpts of which were performed at the Clover Club), Rags Parkland, at Ars Nova’s Ant Fest 2010.

Monday Morning Pic

From Saturday’s performance of Angels & Accordions at Green-Wood Cemetery, the last of seven years of annual productions (via the Flickr photostream of EnnuiPoet):

More to come throughout the day.

What are you doing tomorrow?

Hopefully seeing Angels & Accordions at Green-Wood Cemetery.  Why?

Photo: Tom Giebel (atomische.com)

Well, for one thing it’s going to be a beautiful day & maybe the last time all year you can see the breathtaking grounds of the Cemetery with such nice weather.

More than that, though- tomorrow is your last chance EVER to see this one-of-a-kind site-specific performance.

Tom Giebel (atomische.com)

For the last seven years, DTE Executive Director Martha Bowers has directed the piece and produced it in collaboration with the Green-Wood Historic Fund.   Part walking tour, part performance, part guided meditation through the beautiful and richly historical Green-Wood Cemetery, Angels and Accordions brings to life a Brooklyn treasure through dance, live music, and design.

Tickets are offered at a discount if purchased in advance, so head over to the DTE site and choose the performance time (12:30pm or 4pm) you’d like to attend.

Red Hook in the News

A lot going on this week in the neighborhood.  Here’s a mini-round-up of Red Hook news from the web:

Red Hook Jazz Returns

The Red Hook Jazz Festival is a great event, which they’ve been doing a few years now (I think).  It’s coming back, and Katia Kelly at Pardon me for Asking has put the info better together than I could:  go check out the details there, you lovers of end-of-summer jazz.  We won’t even point out that it’s not technically Red Hook…woops.

Another Look @ Tomorrow’s Featured Artist

Tomorrow night: Andrew Butler @ The Clover Club

Right now:  Andrew & the rest of the Political Subversities cast doing their “MTA” song.

Wednesday Night @ The Clover Club

The Clover Club, in Carroll Gardens, is famous for their kinda-fancy, slightly-retro libations done at a reasonable cost.  (Check out their menu online, in which they break drinks, alone, up into categories including “swizzles,” “juleps & smashes,” and “sours and daisies,” to name just a few.

Combine that artisinal flair for booze with a hilarious up-and-coming artist and you have DTE’s August Featured Artist Event, taking place next Wednesday (the 18th) from 6pm-8pm, with Andrew Butler.

Above is a video from Andrew’s sketch comedy group, Tenured Faculty.  On Wednesday, he’ll be performing original songs like these. (Check out Amsterdoodle, which may or may not include a line where he rhymes with the word/Geographic entity, Leidseplein)

Michele Carlo’s Fish Out of Agua Release Party

Michele Carlo (Green-Wood Angel 2005-present) would like to invite the entire world (or all who love DTE and ANGELS & ACCORDIANS) to the launch party/signing for her book, FISH OUT OF AGUA: My life on neither side of the (subway) tracks, (Citadel Press)  a memoir about growing up as a freckle-faced redheaded Puerto Rican in an Italian/Irish neighborhood in New York City back when a slice of pizza cost fifty cents. For more info, go to: http://www.michelecarlo.com

Michele is a great Angel and a wonderfully engaging story-teller, even when she’s not in official story-telling mode, so I’m sure her book is great.  Martha just bought a copy so maybe we’ll have a review soon!

Come to the launch parties/signings:
FREE drinks & snacks; including my world-famous Triple X Coquito!
Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn

Hosted by H.R. Britton, with FREE drinks & snacks; including my world-famous Triple X Coquito!
Lower East Side Tenement Museum, 97 Orchard Street, off Delancey Street