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Dance Theatre Etcetera Benefit Tuesday Night

Come on out to support community-based arts in Red Hook, Brooklyn and see an incredible concert from “the most sought after group in New York,” La Excelencia.  What are community-based arts?

  • Innovative arts education with local teens, keeping young people safe, off the streets, and engaged in productive collaboration with their peers to make Brooklyn a better place to be
  • Large-scale performance projects and the annual Red Hook Fest, animating Brooklyn’s public spaces as exciting sites for art-making, civic dialogue, & professional artistic excellence in neighborhoods that might not otherwise get access.
  • Collaborations with over twenty community non-profit organizations, a network of partners serving Brooklyn’s youth and sharing goals on economic and community development.  Using the arts to advance the interests of our community.

Our Home, About 130 years ago

^Very cool.

Off the Hook Tonight & Tomorrow

Straight off the Falconworks website:

Original Plays by Red Hook Kids

Six young playwrights take center stage in their own plays, with the support of professional writers, actors, and directors, for an evening of funny, moving, raw, and completely original theater.

The Playwrights

Ashanté Boomer, Dante Cowen, Charlotte Ehrhardt, Josiah Garay and Tia Hill

PS 15 – The Patrick F. Daly School
71 Sullivan Street, Brooklyn, NY
Friday, April 23 at 7:00 pm
Saturday, April 24 at 3:00 pm
Admission is free.

Reservations at

Earth Day Celebrations in Red Hook

From “RhymesNewsViews,” a blog from DuEwa Frazier:

ENVIROMEDIA MOBILE- Earth Day Celebrations
IKEA/Erie Basin Park in Red Hook, Brooklyn

On Sunday April 25th, 1pm. The ENVIROMEDIA MOBILE- the amazing traveling NATURE and MARITIME Museum on wheels kicks offs its spring/summer weekend fun in waterfront recreation, environment, culture and maritime with EARTH DAY CELEBRATIONS at IKEA/ERIE BASIN PARK in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

5000 people to Join in and help raise the GIANT FLOATING EARTH BALL.
– Come help float a Giant Earth Ball to 100ft in the air; signifying 100%
commitment to mitigation of impacts on Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and Fostering a New Green Generation in NYC.
-There will also be public tours of the mobile museum,
– RECYCLING- Bring your old junk electronics ( carry-by-hand) items only and your old ready to through away sneakers, plus various environmental recreation activity stations,
– 2pm Live Music from the ” Open Piano on The Soap Box” with guest Lyrical Vocalist/Poet DuEwa Frazier.

Detail calendar at For more info call 347-224-5828.

IKEA/Erie Basin Park in Red Hook, Brooklyn
at One Beard Street. Accessible by FREE IKEA Buses, NY Water Taxi, B77, B61 to the stop in Red Hook.

A project of The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy-

Welcoming Fultummy to the ‘hood

Noticed a new addition to the neighborhood on Friday as I took the B61 home.

Via FT's Facebook

Of course the blogosphere was on top of it.  The Village Voice, calling it “the awkwardly-named Fultummy” (it is a little awkward to say) included it in a little write-up about new sandwich places.  The early reports are promising:

Brooks of Sheffield, meanwhile, has tried two of the four sandwiches available at Fultummy’s and reports they are “very good.”

Check out their Facebook page for details, or just, you know, go over there and eat something.

Design the Logo for Ball-field Vendor

You can win $500 to design the new logo for Soler Pupusas, of Ballfield/Blue Tent fame.

Via “Realty Collective”:

$500 award for Red Hook design competition

See below for the competition specifics – the selected logo will be a huge part of Soler Pupusas display at their food stands in the Brooklyn Flea as well as their upcoming location at Central Park’s Summerstage. All submissions must be received by April 15, 2010 and should be sent to For more information, contact Elizabeth Demetriou (718) 965-3100 Ext.104. Thanks. Andrew
We had Rafael’s great food at our 2008 benefit, and can vouch for those pupusas (and that really tasty pink pickled veg’s they use).  Read the competition description for details about how you could decide the public face of one of Red Hook’s favorite food spots.

Polybe + Seats + DTE

(+ the Waterfront Museum + The Brooklyn Rail…)

Remember that post about former DTE’er Katya Schapiro’s upcoming show with her company, Polybe + Seats? The show- A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things (say that x times fast)- continues to build interest as the performances approach.

The Brooklyn Rail just did a nice piece on the company’s process, the show, and the way they got down to the barge for their Earth Day-aligned performances.  And props to Katya for dropping a DTE mention:

Schapiro previously worked for Dance Theatre Etcetera, a performing arts organization headquartered across the street from the Barge. Through DTE’s Executive Director, Martha Bowers, Schapiro got to know the proprietor of the Barge, David Sharps. “When the time came for us to find a place to do Slimy Things, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate location.”

Check out the entire piece for more interesting factoids (including the story behind Brooklyn’s own merman). Can’t wait to see the show!