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Red Hook Roundup

offManhattan is a cool travel guide-style website for New Yorkers and tourists, promoting a “green” lifestyle.

They just did a rundown of things to do in the neighborhood, and plenty of Red Hook mainstays make the list.

It’s become our favorite quick getaway for local artisan crafts, inexpensive eats, and an unparalleled view of the Statue of Liberty a mere twenty minutes from Manhattan. Read on for our top things to do in Red Hook.

Check out the article for full descriptions of some cool Red Hook spots.

Fort Defiance Everywhere You Look

Every couple months or so an awesome new restaurant/bar/shop opens in Red Hook and the world goes crazy for it.  A few years back (though still getting plenty of attention today) it was Baked, Lenell’s had its day in the sun before heading to (even more sun I suppose in) Mexico, and now, for the last month or two, it appears that Fort Defiance is all the rage.

Photo from Gothamist

FD is a bar/cafe right on Van Brunt street (“the back” of Red Hook, where most of these chic-y/homey places pop up) that serves tasty-sounding food and interesting, well-received cocktails (required content for every piece on the cafe- they make their own seltzer).   It was seeing the bar pop up twice in today’s New York Times “Winter Drinks Issue” alone (!) that inspired this post.  If that’s not enough to convince you, check out the bar’s press page– see what I mean?

The bright side of having a business take over my “Red Hook” google alert?  Usually means the place has the goods and will be sticking around for a while.  Maybe FD will have to be the next post-event meeting spot for DTE staff & volunteers.


Either a horrifying place or a super-hot Coffee Roasting company on its way to Red Hook. Stumptown has been slowly spreading throughout Brooklyn, and you might’ve heard about the outpost they’re opening in Red Hook.  Either way, a good article from the place that would know them best gives a nice background to their entrance to the neighborhood:

The roastery in Red Hook will offer free weekend tastings and, more important, will give Stumptown the freshness that comes with having beans roasted on-site daily. Sorenson said he eventually would like to open a cafe in Red Hook in order to create relationships and have a presence in the neighborhood.

If nothing else, they chose a nice picture for their homepage.

If nothing else, they chose a nice picture for their homepage.