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Greenway Bike Tour

Looks like a fun time, and the Greenway Initiative is a great organization/partner for the Red Hook Fest each year.  If you’ve never taken a bike ride to Red Hook, get on it!  If you have, I don’t have to convince you it’s worth the trip.  The “family pace” sounds right up my alley.

Webb on Wednesday

Joseph Webb, DTE teaching artist and one of the hot acts at this year’s Red Hook Fest, has a show coming up at the Five Spot.  For a truly unique, wonderfully vibrant performance from a dynamic lyricist and dancer,  make sure you’re there, 10pm.  Joseph’s band brings a high-energy combo of jazz, soul, and funk for a show that’s a great time (and a bargain!).

“Red Hook: Brooklyn’s Margarita”

Curbed with a decidely more exciting headline than story, about the community backlash against the the Red Hook Marine Terminal’s growing salt pile.  The Times has the story.

I have to admit that while I’ve noticed the salt pile a couple of times, I did take a bike ride along the waterfront on Saturday and didn’t notice it once.  Must not have been a windy day.

BombaYo Community Celebration

After you see BambaYo at the Red Hook Fest, you’ll wanna check their work out again.  Luckily, you only have to wait two weeks to do so, at their Community Bombazo Celebration in the Bronx, June 21:

Last Night’s Red Hook Community Meeting

Martha reports back from last night’s gathering of community leaders and residents on the subject of public housing:

Generously and warmly hosted by the Cavalary Baptish Church, last night’s event was an introduction to new chariman of the the New York City Housing Authority, Ricardo Morales.  Organized by State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, the meeting also featured participation from Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, and Congresswoman Nydia Velásquez (who celebrated her dilligent work bringing federal funding to a number of community organizations in Red Hook), among others.

Chariman Morales discussed the challenges facing public housing- cuts in funding, difficulties in apportioning state and city funds to public housing, and an overburdened, aging infrastructure.  He stressed looking at problems comprehensively, hoping for systematic improvements ranging from a series of greening initiatives (new windows, centrally-monitored thermostats, etc.) to a reassessment of notoriously run-down (and often-expensively repaired) elevator systems.
Members of the community asked questions, with particular interest in the decreased operations of the important community PAL Miccio Center, while community organizations from Added Value to Red Hook Rise to your very own DTE spoke to the community about their work and services.

Chairman Morales stressed the importance of looking at issues facing the Red Hook Houses as “challenges, not problems,” and promised to work with the community to address these challenges.  Hoping to show his commitment to this end, he mentioned that one way he has dealt with budget cuts is to cut his own central staffing, rather than making further cuts in the community centers directly associated with city housing projects.

While the meeting was more of an introduction and call to action, Martha did say she walked away with one very clear point.  Again impressed by Red Hook’s political leaders, from the community level all the way to our federal representives, she mentioned how refreshing it was to see elected officials who were clearly plugged into the needs of their constituents, and who fought dilligently to see those needs met.  Velmanette Mongtomery, she mentioned, knew the name of practically every person in attendance.  “If you are feeling cynical about politicians,” Martha said, “I just hope you get the chance to see Red Hook’s elected officials in action.”

Community Yoga Classses (Limited Run!)

Yoga classes at Dance Theatre Etcetera are beginning April 28th, with new (to DTE) instructor, Juliana Klein.

Breathe, stretch, invigorate, strengthen.

Classes Tuesdays & Thursdays 8-9am.

Yoga mats provided.

All levels of experience welcome!


480 Van Brunt Street

Just past entrance to Fairway parking lot (ring buzzer 3).

Questions: (917) 575-1191

Lobsters in Red Hook

(And other graphic pun possibilities)

Another entry to the long  line of unique businesses that call Red Hook home.

Pardon me for Asking has the most extensive (that I’ve seen) rundown on very-soon-to-the-nabe fresh lobster storefront, The Red Hook Lobster Pound.