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Another Look @ Tomorrow’s Featured Artist

Tomorrow night: Andrew Butler @ The Clover Club

Right now:  Andrew & the rest of the Political Subversities cast doing their “MTA” song.

Hilarious (if only somewhat-related) Video

On the DTE front:  What of the Night? was great, lots of fun, great audience.  We’ll post some video soon- in the meantime head over to facebook for some pics & such.

But right now, check out this strangely hypnotizing and hilarious video from Nichi Douglas & Political Subversities.

You will never look at this inane subject the same way again.  So what’s the tie-in to the DTE community?  The video was shot & edited by PoliSub member Andrew Butler, who’s our featured artist this month at the Clover Club.

I have to say, the song was even funnier when I saw it live at UCB, so check out PoliSub before its run is over at the PIT.