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The Sharps Family

This post is the first in a series leading up to Dance Theatre Etcetera’s Safe Harbor Benefit. In each post we will profile one of the awardees of this year’s DTE Community & Culture Awards. Today we profile the Sharps family. Stay tuned for the rest of the awardees and for a post highlighting the individual accomplishments of this vital local family.

David, Sarah, Dalia and Sophie Sharps have been living in Red Hook since 1995. When they first arrived the waterfront was a place few people ventured, but amidst the packs of wild dogs, tow pounds and decaying piers, they embraced Red Hook’s beauty- its stunning light, its sunsets, full front views of Lady Liberty, beautiful Civil-war era buildings and small neighborhood feeling. They shared a vision that it was a community worth celebrating and fighting for.

NYC EDC & Community Board 6 waterfront town hall meetings were held aboard Barge #79. Garbage transfer stations were defeated. “Save The Red Hook Graving Dock” campaigned to contest the loss of the area’s last remaining shipyard. Through it all, no matter what one’s views might be on waterfront development and Red Hook’s future, the Barge has been a venue where people come together.

The Sharps first worked with Dance Theatre Ecterera (DTE) in 1998 during the production of Safe Harbor, when performers led thousands through the streets of Red Hook. That production featured a vignette aboard the Barge that included Dalia, age 6, reciting Shakespeare, David juggling as a “merman” and Sophie at age 4 rocking in her chair with undeniable conviction. Since then, DTE and the Sharps have collaborated on projects including Red Hook Partners, the Earth & Surf Parade, Angels & Accordions, and the Red Hook Waterfront Festival.
Also at the benefit, you’ll have a chance to enter DTE’s raffle to win great prizes from community partners. DTE thanks The Waterfront Museum for its generous donation of a Family Juggling Lesson aboard the barge. Make sure to buy your ticket now for a chance to enjoy the festivities of the Safe Harbor Benefit and to enter in the running for a chance at this one-of-a-kind experience.

Mermaids on Parade

Check out NYTimes coverage of the Mermaid Parade.

Float this Weekend in the Mermaid Parade

Many Dance Theatre Etcetera folks are gearing up for yet another summer festival…just this time not in Red Hook. Coney Island’s annual Mermaid Parade is taking place on Saturday, June 21 ALL DAY. Click the pic for more info.