Monthly Archives: August 2008

The Adventures of Robert in Kentucky

While we field requests for copies of Film The Vote, what is the man behind the film doing?

DTE teaching artist Robert Martin is down south, with a busy week ahead as he runs the Clear Creek Festival, three days of “culture, community, healing, and action.”

If you happen to be in Kentucky, or know anyone who is, then you can’t miss Clear Creek.

Even if you’re on this side of the mason-dixon, learn more about the great work being done at the official festival website.

Dog Days at DTE

Summer’s almost over, and that means the end of my vacation, and a lot going on at Dance Theatre Etcetera. While Martha finishes work for the grant season (fun fun fun) the office gets ready for Angels & Accordions.

Almost everyone is hard at work.

Watch the Vote

Film The Vote is a movie made by students in DTE’s media program at South Brooklyn Community High School. DTE teaching artist Robert “Bobby B” Martin spearheaded the project, all about the upcoming presidential election and young voters’ place in democracy, and was so excited about the students’ work that he cornered me at our recent benefit to tell me all his plans for the film in these critical upcoming months.

Requests for the film have started pouring in, and now we’re happy to announce (after a lot of googling and downloading a bunch of free software) that you can watch FTV online at youtube. Here’s part one-

check out youtube for part two.