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Kickstart Our Angels!

Help support innovative site-specific art in Brooklyn- only three days left in the campaign!  Check out the video above for details.

Update on LeNell’s’s LeNell

“If I’m not in Red Hook, I’m not interested in Brooklyn.”

OK, a little extreme from my point of view, but gotta respect Red Hook’s own (even if she’s currently in Mexico) Lenell Smothers.

Is there a single resident of Red Hook, current or former, who generates more news just by being themself (with the possible exclusion of Carmelo Anthony)?

Monday Morning Pic


Via Wired New York


Bob Diamond Back At It?

We’ve had a bunch of posts in the last year about transit in Red Hook.  The B61 bus was cut in half (shorter wait times!), the B77 was eliminated (longer wait times!), and various plans for trolley service have been championed and set aside.

Which made it kind of sad when Bob Diamond, one of the earliest and most stalwart proponents of an above-ground trolley servicing Red Hook, announced earlier this month that he would be hanging ’em up in his long-running fight.

Well, according to a story in today’s Brooklyn Eagle, Mr. Diamond is back at it.  Inspired, surely, by the release of $300,000 for a trolley feasibility study (money secured by Congresswoman Nydia M. Velázquez), he’s back on the advocacy trail.

Coming from someone who commutes to Red Hook every day (a trip that takes between 40 and 75 minutes…), alternative modes of transit can’t be explored soon enough.  So let’s stay tuned to how this issue develops, and tip our hats to Mr. Diamond, Congresswoman Velázquez, and anyone else who’s thinking creatively about how to improve the lives of Brooklynites.

Red Hook Jazz Returns

The Red Hook Jazz Festival is a great event, which they’ve been doing a few years now (I think).  It’s coming back, and Katia Kelly at Pardon me for Asking has put the info better together than I could:  go check out the details there, you lovers of end-of-summer jazz.  We won’t even point out that it’s not technically Red Hook…woops.

Monday (almost) Morning Pic

Not a picture from anything that happened this week- instead, in honor of school being (really) back in session today, here’s an image from last year’s TheatreWorks group at South Brooklyn Community High School here in Red Hook.

Maurice, Kaitlin, Ricky, Sammy, & B acting like weirdos

Hope all our high school students around the BK are enjoying your first (second) day of classes.

Have a great year, guys, and remember- you will have more to say about what happens to you this year than anybody else.  Embrace that power and make something great happen this year.