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Apologies due to Ellie Winberg…

Of the BrooklynStudioTour, who’s great open studio tour of Carroll Gardens & Red Hook I personally e-promised to feature on the blog a couple of days ago.  Fear not, though, because the tour is this weekend, and you’ve got all the info you need right here:


studiotour-front-may2009Participating spaces include BWAC, the new Space 414, and many, many more.

Akil Dasan & The Crowd

Can’t wait till next weekend for the Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival?
Well unfortunately, you don’t have a choice.

What  you can do, though, is whet your appetite for awesome Brooklyn artists with a video that just dropped in our inbox courtesy of The Crowd, performers at last year’s Festival:

BombaYo Community Celebration

After you see BambaYo at the Red Hook Fest, you’ll wanna check their work out again.  Luckily, you only have to wait two weeks to do so, at their Community Bombazo Celebration in the Bronx, June 21: