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Video from the Red Hook Criterium

This looks like a frigthening and unwise way to spend one’s evening in Red Hook.  Nevertheless, it looks cool and no deaths have been reported.  Enjoy.

Update on Red Hook Winery

(Photo: Alyson Aliano for New York Magazine )

(Photo: Alyson Aliano for New York Magazine )

While we’re on Grub Street, check out the latest about new-to-the-nabe winery expected to hit shelves this summer.

Defonte’s Crosses the Rubicon (or East River)

Some well-earned attention for Red Hook’s own hero heaven:

The good news is that a few old-timers are determined to muddle through and hang on and, in a couple of rare instances, actually prosper. Take, for example, Defonte’s, the 87-year-old Red Hook hero shop that recently branched out to Manhattan.

What’s a Destination Dot?

This is:

img_1906This dot was responding to the prompt, “show your vision for the future of Red Hook.”  Like all Destination Dots, it asked someone from Red Hook to tell their story.  The someone who shared her vision and artwork above is La’Sean Brooks, one of the great interns at DTE.   This is what she had to say about her dot:

My dot was inspired by the things I’m interested in that I’m sure others would be interested in, also.  Like music- who doesn’t enjoy a good concert? Especially on a warm summer evening.  Peace is something that should go on all around the world, and flowers always seem to cheer people up when they’re feeling down, so that inspired my flower and peace symbol. It’s sometimes the little things you do that impact a lot- that’s where my little “If you do only one thing…” clip came in. Of course I couldn’t forget the neighborhood that my vision was being created for:  Red Hook, Brooklyn.

In the weeks leading up to this year’s Red Hook Festival (theme:  “Destination Red Hook:  We Got What You Need”- it’s all coming together, no?) Destination Dots will start to pop up throughout the neighborhood.  Anywhere you see a dot, you’ll know you can go inside to get your own blank Destination Dot.  It’ll have its own prompt and its own rules- if you fill it out and hand it back in you  put yourself in the running for one of many great prizes offered by our partners in the neighborhood.   More than that, though, you tell your story, for all to see and share, just like La’Sean has done so nicely here.

2 Weeks to See Joel Sokolov & Hugh Williams @ Kentler Int’l Drawing Space

Kentler Inernational Drawing Space’s current exhibition run until March 22- leaving you two weekends to see the work of these two solo artists.  Like all (most? all?) exhibits at Kentler, the show is FREE.  For details visit the Kentler website.

Sad News

Bob Guskind, the man behind the influential Gowanus Lounge, passed away this week.  Flatbush Gardener has a growing list of the staggering outpouring of appreciation for the man and regret for this loss.  We were among many who relied heavily on GL for updates on development issues in Brooklyn, a fact made only more impressive when you consider that it was built up to the powerful network it is today largely through the efforts of one man.  For the blogosphere, Brooklyn, and clearly the people he met and knew, he will be missed.

Toll Bros Update

The Brooklyn Paper has a midday update about Councilman Bill DeBlassio’s stance on the development project looking more and more like it’s on its way to the Gowanus Canal. Says the pape:

DeBlasio’s support is crucial as the plan enters its final public review before the City Council, which was set to hold a hearing today. Councilmembers tend to defer to the local lawmaker on land-use issues.