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Monday Morning Picture

From Chris Goldberg:

Of Course This is in Red Hook

Unique? Check.

Artistic/design-y? Check.

Slightly retro, and very cool?  Check.

Sculptor Marsha Trattner’s workshop – a converted garage in front of her Red Hook home – is one of the only places in the New York City area where one can learn the centuries-old metal-forging techniques.

Monday Morning Picture: Them’s Good Veggies

From a random Flickr stream (apparently Shelly Bernstein’s) with the title “Red Hook CSA Half Share Week 10:”

Looks like the folks over at Added Value are doing an awesome job (as expected)- that haul is much better than what I remember getting the one summer I did a (non-Red Hook) CSA.

I think it’s too late to sign up for the CSA at this point, but the Farmer’s Market is still open on weekends.

Another Look @ Tomorrow’s Featured Artist

Tomorrow night: Andrew Butler @ The Clover Club

Right now:  Andrew & the rest of the Political Subversities cast doing their “MTA” song.

Create the Artwork for Smith/9th Street

The Smith/9th Street Subway station is unique, if nothing else.  It’s the closest stop to Red Hook, has incredible views, and rises high in the air over South Brooklyn in a way that says “cool,” “wobbly,” or “strangely foreboding,” depending on whom you ask.

Now the MTA has put out a call for proposals from artists wishing to be considered for a commission for their work at the station.  Check out the MTA site for details, or download the RFP (or whatever they’re calling it) here.

Wednesday Night @ The Clover Club

The Clover Club, in Carroll Gardens, is famous for their kinda-fancy, slightly-retro libations done at a reasonable cost.  (Check out their menu online, in which they break drinks, alone, up into categories including “swizzles,” “juleps & smashes,” and “sours and daisies,” to name just a few.

Combine that artisinal flair for booze with a hilarious up-and-coming artist and you have DTE’s August Featured Artist Event, taking place next Wednesday (the 18th) from 6pm-8pm, with Andrew Butler.

Above is a video from Andrew’s sketch comedy group, Tenured Faculty.  On Wednesday, he’ll be performing original songs like these. (Check out Amsterdoodle, which may or may not include a line where he rhymes with the word/Geographic entity, Leidseplein)

Michele Carlo’s Fish Out of Agua Release Party

Michele Carlo (Green-Wood Angel 2005-present) would like to invite the entire world (or all who love DTE and ANGELS & ACCORDIANS) to the launch party/signing for her book, FISH OUT OF AGUA: My life on neither side of the (subway) tracks, (Citadel Press)  a memoir about growing up as a freckle-faced redheaded Puerto Rican in an Italian/Irish neighborhood in New York City back when a slice of pizza cost fifty cents. For more info, go to:

Michele is a great Angel and a wonderfully engaging story-teller, even when she’s not in official story-telling mode, so I’m sure her book is great.  Martha just bought a copy so maybe we’ll have a review soon!

Come to the launch parties/signings:
FREE drinks & snacks; including my world-famous Triple X Coquito!
Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn

Hosted by H.R. Britton, with FREE drinks & snacks; including my world-famous Triple X Coquito!
Lower East Side Tenement Museum, 97 Orchard Street, off Delancey Street