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Red Hook Roundup

offManhattan is a cool travel guide-style website for New Yorkers and tourists, promoting a “green” lifestyle.

They just did a rundown of things to do in the neighborhood, and plenty of Red Hook mainstays make the list.

It’s become our favorite quick getaway for local artisan crafts, inexpensive eats, and an unparalleled view of the Statue of Liberty a mere twenty minutes from Manhattan. Read on for our top things to do in Red Hook.

Check out the article for full descriptions of some cool Red Hook spots.

PAVE/PS 15 Continue to Lock Horns

Ever since the PAVE academy, a charter school here in the neighborhood, announced that it would be extending its stay inside the PS 15 building beyond its originally-planned two year period, there has been quite a bit of back and forth between the two parties.

Photo from The Brooklyn Paper/ Tom Callan

Parents of PS 15 students feel that their children are being hurt by the presence of another school, adding more bodies to the school and potentially competing for resources.

PAVE, for its part, says that they are making the best out of an imperfect situation as they try to find their permanent home.

I’ll refrain from weighing in- if anything, the debate around charter schools is a complex one, and I think anyone who suggests that they are always/never a good thing isn’t looking at it from every side.  I will say that it’s a shame that these two schools, both committed to teaching young people and both with solid track records, have been put in this position of opposition.

According to an article in the Brooklyn Paper, though, the controversy may be en route to ending.

“We have $26 million from the Department of Education, and we’ve raised $6.2 million on our own,” said Wally Bazemore, a member of the PAVE Academy board of directors.

Bazemore added that the academy needs $6 million more to have full funding its own facility at Henry and Mill streets.

So who knows how long that could be.  Here’s hoping that a peaceful resolution is in sight, and that these two schools will continue to offer rewarding educational experiences for their students.

Power of Sun Harnessed in Red Hook

^You heard it here first.  Climate problems are over.  The solution came from Red Hook (no surprise).

The Only type of car that can currently be fueled at the new station (Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images)

OK, not quite.  BUT, the neighborhood is home to New York’s very first “non-gas station,” a solar powered electric vehicle station from an organization in the neighborhood, Beautiful Earth Group.

Via the Epoch Times:

Capacity for the charging station amounts to about six kilowatts and its battery constantly stores charged solar energy for on-demand usage. The Mini E is able to travel approximately 150 miles under ideal conditions on a full charge.

DTE On Facebook

Want to learn about arts programs in Red Hook, Brooklyn?  To see the work of young artists from all over Brooklyn?

Become a fan of Dance Theatre Etcetera on Facebook.  Invite your friends!  Spread the love!

Tree Lighting Tomorrow Night In Coffee Park

Tomorrow night from 6pm-7pm join Red Hook Rise, Red Hook Boaters, The Justice Center, The Red Hook Initiative, The Red Hook Houses West Tenant’s Association, PS 15, the Rec Center, & The Red Hook Latin Society (plus more, I’m sure) for the annual tree lighting in Coffey Park.

(Image not intended to represent actual Coffey Park tree)

The event is organized by Partnerships for Parks’ “Red Hook Catalyst Project.”  There will be caroling, snacks, drinks, and lots of Red Hooky-goodness.  DTE will be there, why won’t you?!

Fort Defiance Everywhere You Look

Every couple months or so an awesome new restaurant/bar/shop opens in Red Hook and the world goes crazy for it.  A few years back (though still getting plenty of attention today) it was Baked, Lenell’s had its day in the sun before heading to (even more sun I suppose in) Mexico, and now, for the last month or two, it appears that Fort Defiance is all the rage.

Photo from Gothamist

FD is a bar/cafe right on Van Brunt street (“the back” of Red Hook, where most of these chic-y/homey places pop up) that serves tasty-sounding food and interesting, well-received cocktails (required content for every piece on the cafe- they make their own seltzer).   It was seeing the bar pop up twice in today’s New York Times “Winter Drinks Issue” alone (!) that inspired this post.  If that’s not enough to convince you, check out the bar’s press page– see what I mean?

The bright side of having a business take over my “Red Hook” google alert?  Usually means the place has the goods and will be sticking around for a while.  Maybe FD will have to be the next post-event meeting spot for DTE staff & volunteers.

Red Hook LGBT Group Starts 12/4

Got an email from Jill at the Red Hook Initiative about a brand new LGBT group RHI is organizing in the neighborhood.

Seems like a great resource to add to the community.  If you’re interested but can’t make it this Friday, I’m sure they’d be happy to see you next week- get in touch w/ Leon and help build what could really be a wonderful program.

Goloborotko’s Studio 20th Anniversary Edition

We met Red Hook-based printmaker Sheila Goloborotko just a week or so ago when she came into the DTE studio for a chat.  Turns out, Sheila has known DTE Board Member Audrey Anastasi for a long time, and will be having the exhibition for the 20th Anniversary of her studio at Audrey’s gallery, Tabla RasaFrom an email from Sheila:

Each of the 40 portfolios published in the 20th Anniversary Edition, consists of 13 numbered and signed 20” x 16” original prints on Rives BFK 300 gsm, unbound and housed in an archival clamshell presentation box. Letterpress text by Peter Kruty Editions.
All editions were printed by Sheila Goloborotko at Goloborotko’s Studio in 2009, with the exception of the works by Agnes Murray and Susan Fateh. Each of the portfolio prints is embossed with Goloborotko’s Studio editions seal. Twenty of the portfolios are available for purchase.

The nitty-gritty:

Thursday, December 10, 2009 (6:00 – 8:30 pm)
@ Tabla Rasa (224 48th Street  b/w 2nd and 3rd Avenues) in Brooklyn

Check out today’s New York Times blog post for more info about Sheila & her studio, or RSVP for the event here: Ramona Candy, 718-622-4947