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Design the Logo for Ball-field Vendor

You can win $500 to design the new logo for Soler Pupusas, of Ballfield/Blue Tent fame.

Via “Realty Collective”:

$500 award for Red Hook design competition

See below for the competition specifics – the selected logo will be a huge part of Soler Pupusas display at their food stands in the Brooklyn Flea as well as their upcoming location at Central Park’s Summerstage. All submissions must be received by April 15, 2010 and should be sent to edemetriou@sbidc.org. For more information, contact Elizabeth Demetriou (718) 965-3100 Ext.104. Thanks. Andrew
We had Rafael’s great food at our 2008 benefit, and can vouch for those pupusas (and that really tasty pink pickled veg’s they use).  Read the competition description for details about how you could decide the public face of one of Red Hook’s favorite food spots.

Ball-field Vendors Back in Less than a Month

Serious Eats has the news.

Soler Dominican @ DTE's Safe Harbor Benefit

Soler Dominican @ DTE's Safe Harbor Benefit

Where do you go after DTE?

To the Brooklyn Flea, if you’re Rafael Soler.

Hopefully you remember Chef Soler’s food from the Red Hook Ball Fields, or from last December’s Safe Harbor Benefit. In case you’re forgetting:

While we’re on the subject of food you can (no longer only) get in Red Hook, check out the BA foodist for a delicious, DTE/Superbowl-tested chicken wing recipe from Chef Sohui Kim of The Good Fork.

Good Wing.