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Blog Torch, continued

Hi blog readers,

I’m Jon. Like Julia said, her time as the media and marketing manager for DTE has come to an end. Very sad. In her final days, though, she was able to give me some great training (or bad training! we’ll find out!) and I’m really excited to work with Martha, Katya, and everyone else in the extended DTE family.

I’d love to hear from you guys- questions, suggestions, comments- anything is welcome. Check out what I’ve been doing. We’re able to relax a little right now, but we have some exciting events coming up. For details/just to say hi, send me an email- jon@dtetc.org.

Passing the Blog Torch

Well folks, it’s true. Today I am officially signing off as Dance Theatre Etcetera Media & Marketing Manager.

I’m very sad. Distraught, you might even be able to say. DTE has been an amazing place to work and grow as an artist, teacher, collaborator and person.

I am sure that new recruit Jon Mayer will be an incredible M&M Manager.

Don’t worry, I’m not going very far. DTE will still be in my speed dial (#7) and I will be involved in upcoming projects. However, if you can’t handle the seperation (and really, who could blame you), check out my blog. Hopefully I’ll be updating it a bit more frequently with my new found free time.

Probably not.


Last Day at CASA

Dance Theatre Etcetera Teaching Artists Julia Rosenfeld and Greg Manley reluctantly parted ways with the awesome students at P.S. 27’s Creative After-School Adventures program (run by Good Shepherd Services).
Three months of fun and games, field trips and performances, and don’t forget about the giant drum!
See you around Red Hook!


So, who had fun?

Thank you to the weather, thank you to all of our community partners and funders, and especially…THANK YOU for coming!

Don’t forget about all of our volunteers – especially those from South Brooklyn Community High School and Brooklyn International High School!

Check out our first batch of pics!

Trip to the New Vic

Julia, Katya, and the awesome students from DTE and Good Shepherd Services Creative After-School Adventures Program at P.S. 27 journeyed to midtown for the New Vic’s Past-Half Remembered.
We laughed, we cried, we tried to avoid getting spit on by the actors.A great time was had by all! And the coolest part – CASA students and teachers asked many thought-provoking questions at the talkback!

What Does Julia Need?

DTE Interns have been teaching us all sorts of things. The most important tidbit so far?

Achete yon chocolat pou Julia.

We’ll let you figure out what that means…Julia will be waiting.

A Hard Day’s Night

Zoe and Julia finally strike a bargain.

Creative After School Adventures

DTE is teaming up with Good Shepherd Services and the Department of Youth and Community Services Creative After School Adventure Program (CASA) for an exciting second year! DTE Teaching Artists Julia and Greg are working with fifth, sixth and seventh grade students to use dramatic activities and creative movement as ways of personal expression.

BIHS Arts Retreat

Students from the Brooklyn International High School, Martha’s class at NYU, teaching artists Martha and Julia and BIHS Teacher Sheila spent Saturday rehearsing for DTE’s upcoming performance.