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Last Day at CASA

Dance Theatre Etcetera Teaching Artists Julia Rosenfeld and Greg Manley reluctantly parted ways with the awesome students at P.S. 27’s Creative After-School Adventures program (run by Good Shepherd Services).
Three months of fun and games, field trips and performances, and don’t forget about the giant drum!
See you around Red Hook!

Trip to the New Vic

Julia, Katya, and the awesome students from DTE and Good Shepherd Services Creative After-School Adventures Program at P.S. 27 journeyed to midtown for the New Vic’s Past-Half Remembered.
We laughed, we cried, we tried to avoid getting spit on by the actors.A great time was had by all! And the coolest part – CASA students and teachers asked many thought-provoking questions at the talkback!

Puppets, Puppets, Everywhere

The Croatations performed for P.S. 27 Creative After-School Adventure students (a program of DTE and Good Shepherd Services).
Some intense puppet making took place after the show.

Amayo Performs at CASA

Students had a blast last Friday at Good Shepherd Services Creative After-School Adventures Program at P.S. 27 when Amayo’s Fu-Arkist-Ra performed.Amayo worked with the young people after the performance to create original beats and movement.
Assistant facilitators from DTE and South Brooklyn Community High School kept an eye on things.Check out Amayo at the Red Hook Fest this June!

A Day with Akil Dasan

On Friday March 14th, teens from DTE’s TheaterWorks program at SBCHS went to P.S. 27 to watch Akil Dasan perform for elementary and junior high students. He performed songs that he had written and produced.

One thing I liked about his performance was his beat boxing skills. He would beat box a famous song and all the children in the auditorium would start to sing the song. It was a nice sight to see. After the beat boxing, he rapped things he had written while playing the guitar. The only problem was that the kids started to lose attention during the more serious songs.

After performing, he took questions from the kids in the audience. All of his answers had a positive message. One of the kids asked him how he learned to break dance. He said he learned it from youtube, and at first it was hard, but if you keep trying you can do anything. I appreciated how he was trying to encourage kids to follow their dreams and never give up.

When the questions were over, the audience left and a group of kids stayed for a workshop. The purpose of the workshop was for the students to learn some of the skills Akil uses when he performs. TheaterWorks was asked to participate to act as role models. At first, many of the kids didn’t want to participate, but once we stepped up many of the kids did as well. After Akil shared his skills, we put on a little show which we only had fifteen minutes to put together. We were split into three groups: music, dance, and vocal. The performance was very powerful and we all had a great time.

by Daesan Lassiter, photos by David Etienne

Creative After School Adventures

DTE is teaming up with Good Shepherd Services and the Department of Youth and Community Services Creative After School Adventure Program (CASA) for an exciting second year! DTE Teaching Artists Julia and Greg are working with fifth, sixth and seventh grade students to use dramatic activities and creative movement as ways of personal expression.