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Upcoming Events

Music & movies on the dock:

Baby Gramps (Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday) With a gray beard the size of small shrubbery, a raspy Popeye voice and manic skills on the steel guitar, Baby Gramps plays a cartoonish variation on the role of hobo troubadour in old-timey songs like “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” But he really shines in his hilarious and ingenious wordplay, as in his palindrome song (“Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog”). On Sunday at 8 p.m., Jalopy Theater, 315 Columbia Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, (718) 395-3214; (Via NY Times)

Red Hook Films on Tuesday evenings in Valentino Park. The free line-up, which was just announced, will kick off with the 80’s classic Goonies on July 13th at 8pm. (Via Brownstoner)

And a bit down the line, DTE will be producing Maria Irene Fornes’s “What of the Night?” here in Red Hook.  Stay tuned for details (shows are July 30-31) or send me an email to get involved (all ages & experience levels welcome).

Brooklyn Folk Fest Preview/Benefit

In May, Jalopy will host the 2nd Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival.  Help make that event happen and bring some of New York’s best folk acts under one roof, by attending a Festival preview/fundraiser on March 13th.

Lineup for The Brooklyn Folk Fest Preview/Benefit Concert, March 13th:

9pm: Mamie Minch
10pm: Alex Battles and Banjorama
11pm: The Dust Busters
12am: Blind Boy Paxton

And for just a reasonable $10 cover charge.  Check out the writeup on the Music Industry News Network for more info.

Alan Bolle @ Jalopy

We met Alan when he came to DTE’s “meet the neighbors” event a few months back, never suspecting his secret identity as the “Springman” of Chicago.

Well I just ran into Alan down at Fairway and he dutifully hoisted a promotional postcard on me for his upcoming show.  I’m glad he did.  After reading the article linked to above and seeing the beautiful coverart for the postcard, it looks like his show at Jalopy is a can’t-miss.  “Drawing From Live Events” is the show, named after his intriguing practice:  Alan works with live musicians in concert, creating pieces that come organically out of the live event and spontaneous interaction between musician and audience.

From GA Photos

The show has an opening reception on September 26th (don’t worry, we’ll make a reminder post the week of) and runs through 10/4.  In the meantime, though, you can see Alan’s work at his (360) Columbia Street studio, where in addition to his fine art he handles furniture restoration and “custom functional pieces”…whatever those are.

Apologies due to Ellie Winberg…

Of the BrooklynStudioTour, who’s great open studio tour of Carroll Gardens & Red Hook I personally e-promised to feature on the blog a couple of days ago.  Fear not, though, because the tour is this weekend, and you’ve got all the info you need right here:


studiotour-front-may2009Participating spaces include BWAC, the new Space 414, and many, many more.

The First Ever Brooklyn Folk Festival!

Happening at Jalopy, right here in Red Hook.

Friday, May 15th- Sunday, May 17th, 2009 at the Jalopy Theater.

Down Home Radio is proud to announce the 1st annual Brooklyn Folk Festival.  This festival will feature the best in old-time music, blues, pre-blues, jug band music, New Orleans jazz, folk style songwriting, African folk music and Mexican folk music and dance.  Come down and check it out, its gonna be fun!

Check out the Festival web site for more details.