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Brooklyn Folk Fest Preview/Benefit

In May, Jalopy will host the 2nd Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival.  Help make that event happen and bring some of New York’s best folk acts under one roof, by attending a Festival preview/fundraiser on March 13th.

Lineup for The Brooklyn Folk Fest Preview/Benefit Concert, March 13th:

9pm: Mamie Minch
10pm: Alex Battles and Banjorama
11pm: The Dust Busters
12am: Blind Boy Paxton

And for just a reasonable $10 cover charge.  Check out the writeup on the Music Industry News Network for more info.

Free Film Acting Workshops

Saturdays, 10am-1pm, March 6th-April 24th.  Open to any Brooklyn youth age 14-21.

Participants in these free workshops will be eligible to be cast in a paid, professional film shoot scheduled for May 2010.

Visit DTE online for more info or contact me (718) 643-6790 (email to sign up.  Deadline March 1st.

Police-Teen Theatre Project Interviews on Wednesday

For the last few years FalconWorks has run a great improv program pairing local teenagers with police officers who serve the community.  What have we learned?

  • Teenagers can do awesome things when they’re working with cops and not against them (and vice versa for the cops!).
  • Improv theatre makes for a great show.
  • Police officers are pretty funny guys.

If you’re a teen, or know one in South Brooklyn, get on board this year’s project.

Interviews for this year’s cast are being held 4:30-5:30 at the Justice Center (88 Visitation Place) Wed. afternoon.  Call (718) 395-3218 for details or check out their snazzy new website.

Save the Date: June 4-5, 2010

We’re kicking it into high gear with preparations for this year’s Red Hook Festival.

I thin we’ve got a lot of cool things coming together- some incredible musicians from down South(maybe?!), awesome NYC-based dance companies, and possibly even a new location for our Friday night kick-off event.  We’re still working out details and dotting i’s, though, so don’t quote me!

As long as we’re looking forward to June, though, how about some pictures of Valentino Park in (what looks like) warm weather?  Just stumbled across these great images on  Check out the rest.

And if you’ve got ideas for this year’s Festival, now’s the time to tell us.  Send me an email- – if you know about a great youth group, a community organization doing good work in South Brooklyn, or if you want to volunteer (whether you want to teach a watercolor painting class on the pier or just help us take out the garbage when the night is over) at the Festival.

Development Developments

A couple days ago The Brooklyn Paper ran an interesting piece about proposed student housing at the old Revere Sugar Factory site. Developer Joe Sitt did a quick 180, though, and suggested that what he was really interested in was retail space.

Via Brownstoner

And picking up an old thread (one that, perhaps, never goes away or moves forward), The Brooklyn Eagle today has a piece about the possibility of revived interest in a Brooklyn trolley system given new government evaluation processes:

Could a shift in policy by the Obama administration on trolleys and streetcars benefit efforts to establish streetcars in Brooklyn, and in the city in general?

The answer?  A resounding maybe.  Check out the article for details.

Navegante @ Southpaw

Friends of DTE from Red Hook Festivals-gone-by (not to mention an awesome in-school performance at South Brooklyn), Navegante, has a big show coming up on Thursday at Southpaw (9PM), headlining for the BAM SOUNDS LIKE BROOKLYN FESTIVAL.

They’re an awesome band- check out their website for vids/music, and really seem to be taking off lately.  Buy tickets here or, for those of you on the dreaded f’book, check out the event page.

Falconworks & Other Friends on TV

Via McBrooklyn:

Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat visits Red Hook on Thursday, February 4, at 8:30pm

Neighborhood Beat is a great show that checks out a lot of the under-the-radar highlights in neighborhoods across the borough.  Looks like for this episode they’ve got old DTE friends Falconworks, the Kentler Gallery, plus Hope & Anchor and one unfamiliar name, Marsha Trattner.  Apparently Ms. Trattner is going to show us  the old art of blacksmithing, which I can tell you from my experience in the fourth grade- very cool.

Check it out tomorrow night on Brooklyn Independent TV (link for which channel that means for you).