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Tony Talks About Performing With Drama Club

On December 8th Drama Club had a performance at BIHS, in the gym. The performance went really well- our students are very talented, and the NYU students are also amazing. The only bad thing for us was the audience. We did wonderful work, and it felt like only 6 people showed up. I felt remorse about that. I was kind of feeling bad because I thought the NYU students were going to think that the school doesn’t care about drama club. After the show we served the audience food and talked to them. The performance was great- I feel like next semester I can’t miss drama club.

After we performed for our school, BIHS, we went to NYU to perform. We had a performance at NYU on December 15th. We had one hour to practice before the show. When I entered the NYU Theater it was nice and clean- it wasn’t really a big theater, but for our performance it was awesome because when you talk the audience can hear you nice and clear.

After we had practiced, we opened the doors for the audience. I thought 30 people were coming to watch us, but at the first performance it was the same thing- only about 6 people showed up. Now I was kind of feeling confident about myself, because we had the same number of people that came to watch our performance at BIHS.

The show at NYU was great. Afterwards, when we were talking to the audience, we asked them if they had any question for us. Someone asked how it felt to work with the NYU students. I said it was fun because you get to learn about them- what they like to do, what its like being in college- and they learned about our culture. My buddy and I once went to get a coffee to talk and learn more about each other.

After the show we had a party for the actors, and that’s the last time we got to see the NYU students. It was hard to say goodbye, but everyone knows everything has an ending. So we talked to each other, took pictures and ate. At the same time it was a member of drama club’s birthday, so the NYU students surprised her with a cake. It was awesome. I wish we could see each other again, act together, sing and be in drama club again. NYU students- we miss you guys.

-Tony St. Hilaire, BIHS Student, DTE Intern

Benefit Teaser

Last Friday night’s Safe Harbor benefit was a really fun (and, for the staff, really Long!) evening!

Thanks to everyone who played a part in making the night what it was, whether that meant volunteering your time, getting your organization to partner with DTE for the event, or just showing up and adding to the good vibes in the room.

Stay tuned to the blog for a full re-cap of the Safe Harbor Benefit, with pictures from DTE friend and Red Hook resident, Edwin Anglero.

Ray Hall

This post is the third in a series leading up to Dance Theatre Etcetera’s Safe Harbor Benefit. In each post we will profile one of the awardees of this year’s DTE Community & Culture Awards. Today we profile Raymond Hall*.

After working for Honeywell International for over a decade, Raymond Hall went to work for Pier 41 Associates in his hometown of Red Hook, Brooklyn. In 1994, Ray and his brother Earl- unhappy with the crime and overall condition of their neighborhood – organized a touch-football league at Coffey Park to engage teens that were not involved in productive after-school activities.

This was the beginning of their organization, Red Hook Rise. A few years later, in order to reach more youth in the area, Ray and Earl organized a basketball league at Coffey Park. Next, Red Hook Rise started the literacy program “Read a Line to Educate Your Mind,” where participants received toys and other gifts during the holiday season as a reward for reading.

Having already made a large impact on local teens, the group set its sights on younger children, from ages 8 to 11, and started the program “Books and Basketball.” They set up a reading area near the basketball courts- young athletes were not permitted to play until they had spent time reading – either to themselves or by listening to one of the guest readers invited in from the community. The program is so popular that Borough President Marty Markowitz has stopped by more than once to speak with the children about the importance of reading.

Ray describes his organization’s purpose as meeting whatever needs arise in the community, be it through his annual turkey drive for local families or his extensive work helping with job placement for people in the neighborhood.

For his dedication to the Red Hook community and his commitment to addressing local problems through outreach to local youth, we are happy to recognize Raymond Hall as a recipient of the 2008 Dance Theatre Etcteera Community & Culture Awards.

*portions of this biography were borrowed from a profile done by Partnership for Parks

Tini Wine Bar

Among the fun to be had at DTE’s Safe Harbor Benefit in December will be a Best of New York Raffle, where you’ll have a chance to win prizes from gems in the neighborhood and around the boroughs. Each week on the blog we’ll highlight one of the donating organizations and let you know what you might win. This week we feature Tini Wine Bar:

The Village Voice has this to say about this local Red Hook spot-
Tini is everyone’s secret restaurant dream: Open a comfy little place, uncork
the wine, invite your friends, and voila!—the instant good life.”

To get a taste of that good life go to Tini for dinner, brunch, or drinks, or hire them to cater your next event.

Tini gets an extra thumbs-up for supporting local artists.

DTE thanks Tini for their donation to the Safe Harbor Benefit Raffle as part of a dinner & a movie package with Cobble Hill Cinemas. Buy your benefit ticket today to try your luck at the raffle and enjoy an evening full of great food and entertainment.