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Tony says Good bye

DTE had to say goodbye last week to our wonderful intern Tony. Though we’ll continue to work with him at the Brooklyn International High School and at our major events like the Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival, this will be Tony’s final entry to the DTE blog. We wish Tony the best of luck through high school and beyond, and give him big thanks for all his hard work around the office and at events ranging from Angels and Accordions to Added Value’s Harvest Festival.

As some of you know I was an intern at DTEtc. I was there for three months. I did many things with them. I got to watch a show called Angels and Accordions and learn more about it. What is the purpose of the show? To bring people to Green-Wood Cemetery to appreciate the history and the beauty.

I like working with Martha and everyone else because it’s not boring here. I work like I’m in a real job. I have my own computer and always have my task to complete. I challenge myself. When I’m done with my task I ask them, “Do you have some more work?” I like to work, not just sit here. This was my first job experience. I think I did great-I had no trouble just being me. One thing I liked about my internship was writing for the blog. I write a lot so that’s good for me. I will take the English Regents Test at the end of January and my writing is getting better and better.

They showed me how to run your own business and how you get money to have it keep going. I also learned some computer skills that they taught me. So I just want to drop by to say goodbye. I am going to work with DTE in the Red Hook Festival and any other upcoming events if they would like me to. Who doesn’t want a great worker like me? I am also going to Drama Club next semester because it’s a good thing for us. We are international students, so it’s a good opportunity for us to have to work with new people. I can’t miss that next semester- I have to be there.

Tony’s Take on A&A

At the beginning of my internship with DTE I went to Green-Wood Cemetery to work on Angels and Accordions. The cemetery was so nice. The workers did a really good job keeping the cemetery clean. That was my first time in a cemetery in the United States.

Angels and Accordions is a performance DTE has every year that’s celebrating its fifth year. Before the show starts, Martha talked over the microphone with the audience to thank them for showing up. After that we told them we had a train if they felt like they can’t walk, “so feel free to get in the train.” There were two people holding tall umbrellas- we told the audience to follow them and to stop when they stop and walk when they walk.

The cemetery is so big it took us 2 hours to go around it. When we went around the cemetery we saw the actors as angels. They stayed still like statues. It was so beautiful walking with the people who were playing accordion. Some angels climbed on the trees, some were running on the ground- some angels were in the lake, dancing. I had fun there, I hope next year I see it again.

–Tony St. Hilaire, DTE intern

Angels & Accordions

As part of openhousenewyork‘s annual October celebration of New York City’s architecture and design, Dance Theatre Etcetera returned to Green-Wood Cemetery to repeat its acclaimed performance ANGELS AND ACCORDIONS, a site specific performance/walking tour with original music by composers Guy Klucevsek and Bob Goldberg and choreography by Martha Bowers.

With the full cooperation of the weather (it was nearly 90 degrees – and so sunny!) the event drew over 2500 audience members!
Special new additions included an aquatic ballet on one of Green-Wood’s small lakes (please don’t ask us what’s actually in the lake), a trapeze act and a silk act.
Special thanks to the very helpful crew at Green-Wood!