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Student Thoughts – Drama Club at BIHS

Hi, my name is David Etienne, and I have been a student at the Brooklyn International High School for three years. It gives me a lot of joy knowing that I have been part of Drama Club.

When I used to be back in Haiti, my country, I used to be a performer. I acted, danced and sometime read poems. When I came to the United State on May 16, 2003, I cried. I cried for many reason and one of them was the fact that I was leaving behind something I really loved doing. When I got to the U.S. during Junior High, I didn’t have a chance to do much. I only performed once in my two years of Junior High School. In September of 2005, I started school at the Brooklyn International High School. After a couple of days, a lady came to my class and mentioned Drama Club. Before I even went for the first time, my heart had already signed up to be a member.

I was a member of Drama Club during my Freshmen Year, and I was so happy to have the opportunity to go to a place where I was on the same level as the seniors. I allowed myself to learn from the teachers and the other students. I was performing, which is what I felt I was meant to do.

Sophomore Year was not so different from freshman year. I gave the staff a hard time when it came to being on time, but I always managed to make it onstage. In my second year of Drama Club, I was no longer a newcomer. I had the opportunity to grow more each time we met. In Drama Club, I was welcomed. I didn’t have to change anything about me. If I had something on my mind, the other members made me feel comfortable enough to share.

This is my third year with Drama Club. Junior Year is one of the busiest years in High School. At the Brooklyn International High School, all the Juniors have to do internships. With so much school work to do, students rarely get time to do any after school activities. My friend Jean and I are the luckiest ones because our internships are with Drama Club.

As for right now I am just hoping that in my senior year, I will have the opportunity to keep on coming to Drama Club. And I know for fact that if I end up not having the chance to be part of Drama Club in my senior year, I will still be a member of Drama Club always. Because everything that I have learn from the performers and staff members will stay with me until the day that I die.

– David Etienne, Junior at BIHS and DTE Intern

Student Thoughts – BIHS Drama Club

I’ve been a student at the Brooklyn International High School for two years. When I first came to the United States of America, I really wanted to find a place to express my thoughts and feelings. America was a place where I hoped to develop my talents. I also realized that America can be a stressful country, depending on the community that you belong to.

As I am an individual who is introspective and thoughtful, I really wanted to be a part of Drama Club. On my first day, it was really hard for me to understand what was said, although I really wanted to share my thoughts. I didn’t even know how to introduce myself. It was going to be a very horrible experience for me to continue because I always had an internal conflict between what I wanted to realize and the difficulties of going through the activities. At one time I was thinking that would be a waste of time, but I kept on going and I have never been discouraged.

Three months later, I found out that Drama Club was an accepting place. I found my spot here. It’s the only place where I have a chance to relax. I have also had a chance to write my own poem and rap based on how Drama Club has turned me into a different person.

Drama Club has done for me what a psychologist cannot do. Drama Club has taken away all the stress that I had. As an immigrant communicating with others, Drama Club has helped me to improve my English and learn about other cultures. Drama Club is my best experience I have ever had in my whole life.

– Nebajoth Jean, Junior at BIHS and DTE Intern

Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival June 7th

Look past these grey skies and windy days to June 7th, when the 15th annual Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival will once again celebrate community through the arts. This unique, highly inclusive Festival brings together long time Red Hook residents with recent neighbors and interested folks from across the five boroughs, all who share a passion for the arts, the environment and community development. The Festival’s new location on the waterfront at Louis J Valentino Jr. Park & Pier (Coffey and Ferris Streets in Red Hook) makes a perfect setting to enjoy cool sea breezes and breathtaking views, while taking in a day of outdoor entertainment and education on vital community resources.

This FREE festival will be jam-packed with activities for children, teens and the whole family. New York’s hottest, most socially conscious musicians, dancers and spoken word artists explode with new works on the mainstage and share their expertise through free workshops. Over 200 local youth artists will perform alongside professionals onstage as well as in the 4th annual Red Hook Youth Film Festival. Cool off in the shady tent to enjoy screenings of youth made media and talkbacks with the young filmmakers.

Community organizations will offer a range of information on everything from affordable housing to greening your community and home. Hands-on activities such as free canoe and kayak rides, roving circus performers, face painting and a petting zoo will be available throughout the day. Join in on a game of soccer or catch a few rays of sun while enjoying the music. Come hungry to sample the eclectic mix of food supplied by local restaurants.

The Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival is about participation on all levels – and keeps getting better all day long! Bring your dancing shoes to finish the night on your feet with a dance party spun by DJ Oja Vincent.

Watch our video:

Check out pictures from last year:

Download our press release: PressRelease.pdf

Meet Our New Interns!

Dance Theatre Etcetera is thrilled to have three extremely talented High School students from our programs at South Brooklyn Community High School and Brooklyn International High School beginning as interns. They will be working with staff members on Spring programming, as well as learning administrative and artistic skills.

David Etienne is a junior at the Brooklyn International High School and is a member of the Performing Arts Program. He is originally from Haiti. He came to the United States at the age of twelve. He loves to do many things, such as dancing, playing sports and making people laugh. He has been to many places. David always tries to make enough of an impression so that people remember him.

Daesean Lassiter is an energetic young man. He currently studies at the South Brooklyn Community High School and is a member of TheaterWorks. He is dependable, willing to learn and loves when people give him constructive criticism because it helps him better himself. Daesean’s main goal is to learn as much from the world as possible.

Nebajoth Jean is a student at the Brooklyn International High School and a member of the Performing Arts Program. He is very active and understanding. One of the reasons that he is so interested in working with DTE is because he loves to write poetry and music. Nebajoth hopes to become an actor and a screenplay writer.

Looking for that Perfect Outfit?

Are you stumped over what to wear to your upcoming office party? Does looking through your closet make you want to cry with boredom?

DTE has a growing costume collection. And we’d love to share! Mermaid paraphernalia, kilts, cowboys (pictured below), you name it, we probably have it.

Interested? Email for more information.

Bob the Builder

What has Bobby B been up to in Kentucky?

Building a house. Clearly.

We’re sure glad he’s back for now!

Hook Productions Presents: Military Myths

Hook Productions in collaboration with Red Hook Youth Council and Paper Tiger Television present Military Myths!

This is an event designed to inform teens about the facts about military recruitment, spark dialog about the subject, supply strategies for dealing with military recruiters, present alternatives to military recruitment and provide the opportunities for teens to network.

After watching the Paper Tiger film Military Myths, the audience will have a chance to discuss comments and any questions with special guest Jo Chris (Iraq War veteran & Hip Hop music producer).

The film will be preceded by a “How to Deal with Recruiters” workshop facilitated by Mariko Masaoka-Drew from Paper Tiger and followed by an introductory camera lesson for select volunteers. People interested in working more with cameras & audio production are invited to return to our facility to receive free training as a part of our program.

Food & Refreshments will be served and two movie tickets will be raffled off during the event.

Red Hook Recreation Center Gym
February 22 from 5:00-7:30 PM