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All alone.

While Martha and Katya head over to Green-Wood Cemetery to prepare for tonight’s excerpt-performance of Angels and Accordions, Jon is left to take pictures of empty chairs.

Fear not, though- for with this alone time, I will only get more work done on the new website redesign. Thoughts? More pictures? Info you need not on there? Is it compatible with your browser? If not- let me know (and get Firefox- it’s a new millennium out there, Internet Explorer was great for the 90s)- jon@dtetc.org.

See you tomorrow at Green-Wood for the TWO FREE PERFORMANCES of Angels & Accordions. I’ve loved hearing from people hoping to attend- if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line, or just let me know you’re excited to be a part of this unique tour/performance. Shout out (Sarah Palin must be rubbing off on me) to openhousenewyork for helping to make it happen.


(And Wednesday, too.)

Catch Red Hook High for free at the New York Television Festival’s Independent Pilot Competition.

You’ve gotten the emails, you’ve heard about the hard work from students and teachings artists. Now see the new pilot about high school life in Red Hook. Tickets can be reserved at the website linked above. Show-times are Sunday at 1:30 and Wednesday at 4:00pm.

"It’s wonderful. Giant Costumes and Puppets. Native American Myth!"

That was the convincing review given by DTE teaching artist Greg Manley on the new show he’s in.

Nanabozho, presented by the Mettawee River Company, opens September 5th in the garden at the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Divine (fun fact: my great-grandfather did stone work on the church).

Shows are the 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, and 14th, all at 7:30pm. Follow the link above for the nitty-gritty details, and check out this show by a talented group of artists.

For more info you can call (212) 929-4777

Dog Days at DTE

Summer’s almost over, and that means the end of my vacation, and a lot going on at Dance Theatre Etcetera. While Martha finishes work for the grant season (fun fun fun) the office gets ready for Angels & Accordions.

Almost everyone is hard at work.

Watch the Vote

Film The Vote is a movie made by students in DTE’s media program at South Brooklyn Community High School. DTE teaching artist Robert “Bobby B” Martin spearheaded the project, all about the upcoming presidential election and young voters’ place in democracy, and was so excited about the students’ work that he cornered me at our recent benefit to tell me all his plans for the film in these critical upcoming months.

Requests for the film have started pouring in, and now we’re happy to announce (after a lot of googling and downloading a bunch of free software) that you can watch FTV online at youtube. Here’s part one-

check out youtube for part two.

Red Hook High Fun

So we’ve just finished cleaning up after the benefit/private screening of Red Hook High.

Thanks are owed to:

BWAC, for letting us use their lovely popcorn machine

Ikea, for giving us a wonderful (and very long) couch-

And most of all, of course, to the very talented cast and crew of Red Hook High, and the man behind it all, Trac Minh Vu.

The pilot was GREAT. A common refrain from the actors after the screening was that they knew the pilot would be good, but never thought it would be THAT good.

It was a lot of fun seeing the reward for all the hard work put in on this project, especially because I didn’t have to do any of that hard work.

More pictures, and hopefully info about when YOU can see the official premiere of Red Hook High, soon.

Getting Reddy

Red Hook High screening tomorrow night!

There will beand

And it will be very clean.

Send me an email- jon@dtetc.org- for more info, or just show up tomorrow night at 7pm.