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Exercise Your Right to Exercise

Take part in DTE’s fall exercise classes, led by Jill Guidera. Get the skinny on our exercise web page.

The Adventures of Robert in Kentucky

While we field requests for copies of Film The Vote, what is the man behind the film doing?

DTE teaching artist Robert Martin is down south, with a busy week ahead as he runs the Clear Creek Festival, three days of “culture, community, healing, and action.”

If you happen to be in Kentucky, or know anyone who is, then you can’t miss Clear Creek.

Even if you’re on this side of the mason-dixon, learn more about the great work being done at the official festival website.

Passing the Blog Torch

Well folks, it’s true. Today I am officially signing off as Dance Theatre Etcetera Media & Marketing Manager.

I’m very sad. Distraught, you might even be able to say. DTE has been an amazing place to work and grow as an artist, teacher, collaborator and person.

I am sure that new recruit Jon Mayer will be an incredible M&M Manager.

Don’t worry, I’m not going very far. DTE will still be in my speed dial (#7) and I will be involved in upcoming projects. However, if you can’t handle the seperation (and really, who could blame you), check out my blog. Hopefully I’ll be updating it a bit more frequently with my new found free time.

Probably not.


Our Award Winning Bobby B

Dance Theatre Etcetera would like to congratulation Teaching Artist, Creator, Storyteller and Organizer Bob Martin who received a FAAR (Future Artist Aesthetic Regrant) from the Hip Hop Theatre Festival!


DTE is a *STAR*

DTE is proud to announce that WNYC has chosen us as a STAR INITIATIVE PARTICIPANT. Check us out!

Our Hero

DTE would like to give a big shout out to our computer hero, Mark Phillips, from the famous South Brooklyn Network. Without him, DTE might still be in the stone age.

Happy Birthday, One and All

Many DTE Staff, Artists, and cooperating folks have been celebrating birthdays lately. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish them all (and you, too, if appropriate), a happy and creative year!

Budget Cuts Hit DTE

by Martha Bowers, Executive Director

Spring. A time to feel renewed and hopeful.

This spring is different.

It’s not news that the economy is crumbling. With Wall Street’s troubles, government agencies are trimming back, but the non-profit sectors and school art programs are being decimated. The New York Times reported on February 1, 2008, that the Education Department will cut $180 million in this fiscal year, with an additional $324 million disappearing next year. Effective immediately, school budgets have been cut by 1.75 percent. As stated in the article:

Principals said they were particularly upset because the cuts come in the middle of the year, when they have already hired teachers, planned their schools’ schedules, and promised their students and parents certain perks, like after-school programs.

DTE has successful programs at three Brooklyn public schools. Our arts education programs are not “perks.” They provide services that use the arts to address important issues such as tolerance, conflict resolution and offer alienated youth a much needed community. School principals are faced with difficult choices, and no matter how much they may value our services, these programs will be the first to go.

Around 30% of DTE’s income comes from arts education programs. These programs are funded by the Department of Education as well as private foundations, the New York State Council on the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. All of these organizations are also facing budget reductions.

Combined, the proposed cuts will severely limit DTE’s ability to operate and serve our community. DTE, like many non-profits, already stretches every dollar. Nothing can be cut without reducing services and laying off vital staff.

Short term, the City and State may balance their budgets, but at what cost? More teen crime, fewer students graduating and higher unemployment are just a few of the problems that will increase government costs in the future.

Constituents must contact their local city council member as well as their state and federal representatives to let them know culture and education are not perks. Ask them to consider carefully where they look to trim the budgets and demand that they restore funding to the New York City Board of Education, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York Council on the Arts.

ACT NOW — the deadline for the State budget is April 1.

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Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival June 7th

Look past these grey skies and windy days to June 7th, when the 15th annual Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival will once again celebrate community through the arts. This unique, highly inclusive Festival brings together long time Red Hook residents with recent neighbors and interested folks from across the five boroughs, all who share a passion for the arts, the environment and community development. The Festival’s new location on the waterfront at Louis J Valentino Jr. Park & Pier (Coffey and Ferris Streets in Red Hook) makes a perfect setting to enjoy cool sea breezes and breathtaking views, while taking in a day of outdoor entertainment and education on vital community resources.

This FREE festival will be jam-packed with activities for children, teens and the whole family. New York’s hottest, most socially conscious musicians, dancers and spoken word artists explode with new works on the mainstage and share their expertise through free workshops. Over 200 local youth artists will perform alongside professionals onstage as well as in the 4th annual Red Hook Youth Film Festival. Cool off in the shady tent to enjoy screenings of youth made media and talkbacks with the young filmmakers.

Community organizations will offer a range of information on everything from affordable housing to greening your community and home. Hands-on activities such as free canoe and kayak rides, roving circus performers, face painting and a petting zoo will be available throughout the day. Join in on a game of soccer or catch a few rays of sun while enjoying the music. Come hungry to sample the eclectic mix of food supplied by local restaurants.

The Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival is about participation on all levels – and keeps getting better all day long! Bring your dancing shoes to finish the night on your feet with a dance party spun by DJ Oja Vincent.

Watch our video:

Check out pictures from last year:

Download our press release: PressRelease.pdf

Meet Our New Interns!

Dance Theatre Etcetera is thrilled to have three extremely talented High School students from our programs at South Brooklyn Community High School and Brooklyn International High School beginning as interns. They will be working with staff members on Spring programming, as well as learning administrative and artistic skills.

David Etienne is a junior at the Brooklyn International High School and is a member of the Performing Arts Program. He is originally from Haiti. He came to the United States at the age of twelve. He loves to do many things, such as dancing, playing sports and making people laugh. He has been to many places. David always tries to make enough of an impression so that people remember him.

Daesean Lassiter is an energetic young man. He currently studies at the South Brooklyn Community High School and is a member of TheaterWorks. He is dependable, willing to learn and loves when people give him constructive criticism because it helps him better himself. Daesean’s main goal is to learn as much from the world as possible.

Nebajoth Jean is a student at the Brooklyn International High School and a member of the Performing Arts Program. He is very active and understanding. One of the reasons that he is so interested in working with DTE is because he loves to write poetry and music. Nebajoth hopes to become an actor and a screenplay writer.