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Red Hook High Fun

So we’ve just finished cleaning up after the benefit/private screening of Red Hook High.

Thanks are owed to:

BWAC, for letting us use their lovely popcorn machine

Ikea, for giving us a wonderful (and very long) couch-

And most of all, of course, to the very talented cast and crew of Red Hook High, and the man behind it all, Trac Minh Vu.

The pilot was GREAT. A common refrain from the actors after the screening was that they knew the pilot would be good, but never thought it would be THAT good.

It was a lot of fun seeing the reward for all the hard work put in on this project, especially because I didn’t have to do any of that hard work.

More pictures, and hopefully info about when YOU can see the official premiere of Red Hook High, soon.

Getting Reddy

Red Hook High screening tomorrow night!

There will beand

And it will be very clean.

Send me an email- for more info, or just show up tomorrow night at 7pm.

Are you going to Red Hook High?

Not the high school- the sneak-preview TV pilot screening hosted by Dance Theatre Etcetera in our Red Hook space (how appropriate). I don’t know much about the show besides what Julia told me, but the producers have a cool website and it looks like the cast and crew had a lot of fun making it.

The cast was mostly students from DTE’s arts education programs, along with partner programs at Bailey’s Cafe and Hook Productions.

The screening is next Wednesday, July 16th, with a reception before and talk-back with the cast and crew after. All proceeds will go towards keeping our arts education programs going strong. Check out the website for more info or send me an email- Or just buy
your tickets now (or donate if you can’t make it and feel generous!)

Blog Torch, continued

Hi blog readers,

I’m Jon. Like Julia said, her time as the media and marketing manager for DTE has come to an end. Very sad. In her final days, though, she was able to give me some great training (or bad training! we’ll find out!) and I’m really excited to work with Martha, Katya, and everyone else in the extended DTE family.

I’d love to hear from you guys- questions, suggestions, comments- anything is welcome. Check out what I’ve been doing. We’re able to relax a little right now, but we have some exciting events coming up. For details/just to say hi, send me an email-