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Safe Harbor Pics

Here are just a few of the wonderful pictures taken by Edwin Anglero at our Safe Harbor Benefit in December. If you’d like to see more send an email to jon@dtetc.org or stay tuned to the blog.

DTE Community & Culture Youth Award winner Solomon Goodwin and Martha.

Solo artist Tiye Giraud performs

DTE board members Trac Vu and Pat McGillicuddy announce the winners of the Safe Harbor Raffle.

Community & Culture Award winner Ray Hall poses with Martha.

Ray Hall

This post is the third in a series leading up to Dance Theatre Etcetera’s Safe Harbor Benefit. In each post we will profile one of the awardees of this year’s DTE Community & Culture Awards. Today we profile Raymond Hall*.

After working for Honeywell International for over a decade, Raymond Hall went to work for Pier 41 Associates in his hometown of Red Hook, Brooklyn. In 1994, Ray and his brother Earl- unhappy with the crime and overall condition of their neighborhood – organized a touch-football league at Coffey Park to engage teens that were not involved in productive after-school activities.

This was the beginning of their organization, Red Hook Rise. A few years later, in order to reach more youth in the area, Ray and Earl organized a basketball league at Coffey Park. Next, Red Hook Rise started the literacy program “Read a Line to Educate Your Mind,” where participants received toys and other gifts during the holiday season as a reward for reading.

Having already made a large impact on local teens, the group set its sights on younger children, from ages 8 to 11, and started the program “Books and Basketball.” They set up a reading area near the basketball courts- young athletes were not permitted to play until they had spent time reading – either to themselves or by listening to one of the guest readers invited in from the community. The program is so popular that Borough President Marty Markowitz has stopped by more than once to speak with the children about the importance of reading.

Ray describes his organization’s purpose as meeting whatever needs arise in the community, be it through his annual turkey drive for local families or his extensive work helping with job placement for people in the neighborhood.

For his dedication to the Red Hook community and his commitment to addressing local problems through outreach to local youth, we are happy to recognize Raymond Hall as a recipient of the 2008 Dance Theatre Etcteera Community & Culture Awards.

*portions of this biography were borrowed from a profile done by Partnership for Parks

Mark D. Phillips

This post is the third in a series leading up to Dance Theatre Etcetera’s Safe Harbor Benefit. In each post we will profile one of the awardees of this year’s DTE Community & Culture Awards. Today we profile Mark Phillips.

Mark D. Phillips, president of South Brooklyn Internet, Inc., has had a front row seat for the
digital revolution. A leader in the Internet age, SBI develops and creates marketing
strategies for traditional businesses making their first forays onto the World Wide Web.
SouthBrooklyn.com, the company’s local website, provides information and events from
brownstone Brooklyn to the world.

As an award-winning photojournalist for the Associated Press in New York City, he worked
with the earliest digital cameras and computers. During 1995, Mark completed one of the
first digital photo transmissions from the interior of China while publicizing the world’s
greatest high wire walk over the Yangtze River (jaycochrane.com).

Mark is a winner of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Photography contest in 1992, winning
First Place, Sports Action. “Safe” is part of the permanent collection. In 2001, his
photograph “Satan in the Smoke” from the World Trade Center attack was a world-wide
phenomenon, and is still published on a regular basis.

He is married to Andrea Peyser, an award-winning columnist for the New York Post, and has
a beautiful 9-year-old daughter, Eliza Rose.

For his dedication to supporting businesses and cultural programmers in Red Hook, his unique ability to connect the worlds of media, business and non-profit organizations, and his long-time support of Dance Theatre Etcetera, we are happy to recognize Mark D. Phillips as a recipient of the 2008 Dance Theatre Etcetera Community & Culture Award.

Tom Fox

This post is the second in a series highlighting the winners of this year’s Dance Theatre Etcetera Community & Culture Awards. The awards are given to “visionary leaders who embrace the notion that commerce, culture and education work together to achieve dynamic communities.” This week we feature Tom Fox:

Tom Fox is the President and CEO of New York Water Taxi, an innovative small-scale waterborne transportation company linking waterfront neighborhoods, parks and cultural attractions in New York Harbor.

As President of The Fox Group, he consults on parks and open space development and preservation. Tom designed and directed the Mayor Willie Brown’s Park Renaissance Campaign, which generated $300 million in new funding for San Francisco’s parks and created a new planning and management structure for the Recreation and Park Department.

Tom has played a leadership role in the redevelopment of Manhattan’s West Side waterfront. He was a citizen member of the West Side Task Force and the West Side Waterfront Panel and the first president of the Hudson River Park Conservancy, where he assembled the property along this 4.5 mile waterfront, engaged the adjacent communities in completing the Concept and Financial Plan for this $450 million Park, created interim improvements and facilitated innovative public and private sector projects including the construction of the $120 million Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex.

Tom founded the Neighborhood Open Space Coalition, spearheaded the establishment of New York City’s first comprehensive open space policy and played a leadership role in the passage of New York State’s 1986 Environmental Quality Bond Act. He directed the design of the award-winning 40-mile Brooklyn/Queens Greenway and was a founding co-chair of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Coalition. Tom served as vice president of the Green Guerrillas and the American Community Gardening Association and was the first Assistant Chief of Interpretation at Gateway National Recreation Area in 1976.

Mr. Fox has received numerous awards and appointments, most recently being honored by the NY/NJ BayKeeper for his contribution to the environment in New York Harbor and by the New York Harbor Schools for his commitment to providing internships and apprenticeships for inner city youth. He currently serves on the Board of Directors, or advisory board, of the State Council on Waterways, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, Friends of the Hudson River Park and Vietnam Veterans of America, Manhattan Chapter 126.

Tom received a B.S. in Biology at Brooklyn College and a Loeb Fellowship in Advanced Environmental Design, at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

The Sharps Family

This post is the first in a series leading up to Dance Theatre Etcetera’s Safe Harbor Benefit. In each post we will profile one of the awardees of this year’s DTE Community & Culture Awards. Today we profile the Sharps family. Stay tuned for the rest of the awardees and for a post highlighting the individual accomplishments of this vital local family.

David, Sarah, Dalia and Sophie Sharps have been living in Red Hook since 1995. When they first arrived the waterfront was a place few people ventured, but amidst the packs of wild dogs, tow pounds and decaying piers, they embraced Red Hook’s beauty- its stunning light, its sunsets, full front views of Lady Liberty, beautiful Civil-war era buildings and small neighborhood feeling. They shared a vision that it was a community worth celebrating and fighting for.

NYC EDC & Community Board 6 waterfront town hall meetings were held aboard Barge #79. Garbage transfer stations were defeated. “Save The Red Hook Graving Dock” campaigned to contest the loss of the area’s last remaining shipyard. Through it all, no matter what one’s views might be on waterfront development and Red Hook’s future, the Barge has been a venue where people come together.

The Sharps first worked with Dance Theatre Ecterera (DTE) in 1998 during the production of Safe Harbor, when performers led thousands through the streets of Red Hook. That production featured a vignette aboard the Barge that included Dalia, age 6, reciting Shakespeare, David juggling as a “merman” and Sophie at age 4 rocking in her chair with undeniable conviction. Since then, DTE and the Sharps have collaborated on projects including Red Hook Partners, the Earth & Surf Parade, Angels & Accordions, and the Red Hook Waterfront Festival.
Also at the benefit, you’ll have a chance to enter DTE’s raffle to win great prizes from community partners. DTE thanks The Waterfront Museum for its generous donation of a Family Juggling Lesson aboard the barge. Make sure to buy your ticket now for a chance to enjoy the festivities of the Safe Harbor Benefit and to enter in the running for a chance at this one-of-a-kind experience.