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Jill & RHI Get Their Due

Another nice writeup on the work of Jill Eisenhard, founder of the Red Hook Initiative, written yesterday.  This one from that esteemed Paper of Record, The Batavia Daily News (just kidding- we love you, Batavia Daily News!).  Actually, it seems like that’s where Jill grew up, so it’s especially fitting that they celebrate the great work she’s doing down here.

When Jill Eisenhard was growing up on South Street Road in the rural town of Pavilion, she never thought that someday she’d be living and working in the borough of Brooklyn.

Check out the article to learn more about one of the neighborhood’s most vital community resources.

Red Hook LGBT Group Starts 12/4

Got an email from Jill at the Red Hook Initiative about a brand new LGBT group RHI is organizing in the neighborhood.

Seems like a great resource to add to the community.  If you’re interested but can’t make it this Friday, I’m sure they’d be happy to see you next week- get in touch w/ Leon and help build what could really be a wonderful program.

Worthy Winners in the News

Just saw on the Brooklyn Daily Eagle that two longtime collaborator/partners of Dance Theatre Etcetera were recognized for their work in Brooklyn.  The 5th Avenue Committee has joined DTE at our annual Red Hook Fest in the past, and

was honored by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation as a “Neighborhood Builder,” winning $200,000 in unrestricted funding.

F.A.C. is an organization that advocates for affordable housing, also offering job training programs and assisting in community organizing.

Jill Eisenhard of the Red Hook Initiative was also honored as a “Local Hero.”  No surprise that Jill donated her award to the organization she works so hard for, as RHI continues to look ahead to its new, permanent home on Hicks Street.

Congratulations to Jill and everyone at the 5th Avenue Committee!