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Destination: Red Hook

I couldn’t resist.  clearwater-sloop

It appears that  pretty soon the Waterfront Museum won’t be the only boat making a home in the water behind Fairway (don’t worry, Sharps, your boat still has about 40 years on the new kid).  From GreenBeat Brooklyn:

From July 30 to Aug. 2, the Clearwater (a 108-foot wooden replica of an 18th- and 19th-century traditional cargo vessel) will be docked near the Fairway Cafe in Red Hook, said Captain Heyman. Normally, the ship’s stay at any given dock would be two to five days, but in this case, “there is the possibility that it could be extended,” she said.

This particular dock is owned by Tom Fox, the president of New York Water Taxi. Heyman is grateful to him, as well as property owner Greg O’Connell, for their generous support.

She explained that the Brooklyn location for the Clearwater is ideal for many reasons. It has “the best fishing in the Hudson River estuary,” and is wide open enough for the wake from other boats “not to get too vicious.”