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The Day After

Scott Turner of Rocky Sullivan’s post-inaugural address on Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn reminded us of some things from an old New York Magazine article about the “de-gentrification” of Red Hook.

According to a pre-inauguration piece in the Chicago Tribune:

The 48-mower contingent will include one topped with a 5-foot replica of the Washington Monument, another with a well-endowed mannequin wearing a T-shirt declaring “D.C. or bust,” and another called “Obama the self-starter.” It features two hands emerging from the mower and grabbing the starter rope.

Read the blog to see why that bizarre quote might make you feel a little brighter about the future.

There is a presidential election happening this year

The “Americans for the Arts Action Fund” recently released its summary of the Arts Positions of the 2008 Presidential Candidates.
Check it out here, and head over to the Americans for the Arts webpage while you’re at it.