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MTA Cuts Come to Red Hook

Relatively little hub-bub over the drastic recent cuts to bus and subway service, but we did see this piece in the Courier Life Papers:

Bus lines rumbling through Red Hook, and throughout brownstone Brooklyn in general, will see a good deal of restructuring — and in one case, outright elimination, saving the agency a total of $3 million.

The B61 & B77 buses will combine, creating one (super-congested? how reliable?) single way of getting to Red Hook with mass transit.   To be continued, for sure…

“Red Hook: Brooklyn’s Margarita”

Curbed with a decidely more exciting headline than story, about the community backlash against the the Red Hook Marine Terminal’s growing salt pile.  The Times has the story.

I have to admit that while I’ve noticed the salt pile a couple of times, I did take a bike ride along the waterfront on Saturday and didn’t notice it once.  Must not have been a windy day.