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Alan Bolle @ Jalopy

We met Alan when he came to DTE’s “meet the neighbors” event a few months back, never suspecting his secret identity as the “Springman” of Chicago.

Well I just ran into Alan down at Fairway and he dutifully hoisted a promotional postcard on me for his upcoming show.  I’m glad he did.  After reading the article linked to above and seeing the beautiful coverart for the postcard, it looks like his show at Jalopy is a can’t-miss.  “Drawing From Live Events” is the show, named after his intriguing practice:  Alan works with live musicians in concert, creating pieces that come organically out of the live event and spontaneous interaction between musician and audience.

From GA Photos

The show has an opening reception on September 26th (don’t worry, we’ll make a reminder post the week of) and runs through 10/4.  In the meantime, though, you can see Alan’s work at his (360) Columbia Street studio, where in addition to his fine art he handles furniture restoration and “custom functional pieces”…whatever those are.