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My Ideal Weekend (Intern Info)

  • Movies on Friday rather than babysitting
  • Not being so drained from five days of school and making it past 12:45 a.m.
  • Being able to watch Saturday morning cartoons while enjoying a good bowl of peaches and cream Quaker Oats oatmeal.
  • Not  hearing my mother constantly remind me that if I want to go out this weekend I better complete my chores.
  • Shopping all weekend without regretting having spent 95% of my allowance by the time Monday comes.
  • Skipping all the lines in the hair and nail salon. Who wants to be stuck in there on a Saturday morning?
  • Completing my homework BEFORE Monday morning.
  • Sleeping Sunday away without any distractions.

DTE Youth Council

Hi it’s La’Saen.

and I have been given a new task, which is to create a youth council for DTE. A youth council would give young people in Red Hook (and other places in Brooklyn where DTE programs) a chance to inform us what we can do to help them in any way- offering new programming, services, or even providing space for their own projects.

I’m hoping that this youth council will help me develop my skills in planning events, and that it will help DTE respond better to the needs of the young people in its community.

Another new face @ DTE

Head over to the website to (electronically) meet our newest intern, Emily.

While you’re there check out the new pages for BIHS and (a long overdue update for) Red Hook High, and get a first peak at this year’s Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival.

Introduction from La’Sean

My name is La’Sean Brooks. I am a student at South Brooklyn Community High School. I’ve been an intern here at Dance Theatre Etcetera now for about a month. I found out about D.T.E because of a program taught at my high school named Theatre Works. I intend on continuing my internship here until the end of the school year, which is also when I plan on graduating.

I basically started my internship because I know that soon I’ll be starting college and I wanted to be prepared for the real world. As an intern you get a lot of duties that can help prepare for that. This is my second internship. My first was for the Obama “Brooklyn for Barack” campaign, which involved a lot of the same things I do over here at D.T.E . Before I started interning, I didn’t really know too much on how to go about helping others out- especially not adults. I wasn’t used to being sort of in charge and not being treated as teenager. At my D.T.E internship, some things I’ve done were help with the annual benefit , look after the area while other programs were occurring, and day-to-day maintenance. Here at Dance Theatre Etcetera they treat me as an equal and no less .

Some things about me – I plan on attending college in the Fall of 2009 studying Communication. I love to laugh…I love listening to my ipod, hanging with my friends and…I am very friendly and I love and have no problem with trying new things.

Our Journeys …and what will you bring?

A collaborative, original production created by the Brooklyn International H.S Drama club and NYU students.

Monday, December 15 at 4:30 PM (Doors open at 4:15)
Jerry H. Labowitz Theater at NYU
(715 Broadway- enter on Washington Pl.)

Monday December 8th
3:30 in the BIHS Gym

This performance is drama club’s final project of the fall of 2008. If you want to come you are welcome to. If you do, you will see what Drama club is about. You will see what we have been doing since September 17.

This performance is our idea from Drama club. It is our work from Mondays, when we meet, where we split everyone into small groups. At the end of each week we perform to the class what we had been working on. That’s how we make the smaller pieces that make up this big performance.

The performance is very cool, you should see it- the NYU students are amazing to work with. You should see us perform.

Performed by BIHS Students:
Mariama Jalloh, Djane Joseph, Aissitou Barry, Djussica Carzo, Patricia Etienne, Wilbenson Eugene, Nadine Fleurival, Rahilou Jalloh, Nebojoth Jean, Christopher Leger, Fedia Louis, Rosenerlyn Morisset, Dieunie Morisset, Agathina Nozy, Donald Jean Pierre, Gregory Pierre, Quan Tang, Christina Cadeau, Michel Franski, Awa, and Jean Tony Sthilaire,

And NYU Students:
Angie Crain, Ava Houshmand, Keri Lyons, Tegan McDonough, Jessica Muise, Emily Rozanski, Rachel Shapiro, Sloane Taylor, Rebecca Thom,

Martha Bowers, Greg Manley, Lindsay Shields

Tony Talks About Drama Club

In my school, Brooklyn International High School every year we have Drama Club. In Drama Club we help students with their English. It doesn’t matter if you just came to the United States, we make you try to learn how to say everything in English. We also make you teach us how to say it in your language.

Every workshop we have to perform; students have to show something they have worked on that day in Drama Club. Sometimes we show a dance, or a scene or even a poem. On 12/8/08 we have a performance at Brooklyn International High School, and 12/15/08 we are going to NYU to perform. The theme for our performance is Journey. In Drama Club we create our own story to perform. Each of the students has to tell about their journey from their home country to the U.S. After that we look at all of those stories that the students have told, then we give our opinion about what we think. After we finish talking it over we create one big performance and perform in our school and NYU.

An interesting thing about Drama Club is having NYU students work with us. The NYU students are taking a class called Equal Exchange. Coming to work with us at BIHS is part of their class work.

In Drama Club we always have a buddy system. The buddy system is when we match a BIHS student to an NYU student. They can plan to go to a movie or visit the college, and the BIHS students can teach about their home country and their culture. My buddy, Rebecca, asks me a lot of questions!

-Jean Tony St. Hilaire, Junior, Brooklyn International High School

New Intern at DTE

If you were at Green-Wood for Angels and Accordions, you may have already met Tony. If not, now’s your chance to get to know the newest member of the DTE team.

Check out Tony’s bio on the DTE webpage.