Daily Archives: July 16, 2010

BWAC Show Starts Saturday

BWAC’s newest exhibition, “Red Hooked,” begins tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful space & they pack so much artwork in there there’s sure to be something to make you think/feel/BE.

Came across this interesting teaser on New York Press:

…here’s a look at five pieces in the show and how they fit into the show, courtesy of BWAC’s Carmel Dudley.

“Untitled” by Kari Smith

Smith photographs the crumbling, dirty, toxic streets of Brooklyn with the people and animals that live within the grit. To her, to be “Red Hooked” is to examine the life that keeps growing through the cracks in an industrial landscape. Rotting buildings being taken over by plant life, kittens living in abandoned buses, and, of course, the people in the midst of it all. In “Untitled,” a muscled dog stares steadily from his home in a Brooklyn junkyard.