Save the Date: June 4-5, 2010

We’re kicking it into high gear with preparations for this year’s Red Hook Festival.

I thin we’ve got a lot of cool things coming together- some incredible musicians from down South(maybe?!), awesome NYC-based dance companies, and possibly even a new location for our Friday night kick-off event.  We’re still working out details and dotting i’s, though, so don’t quote me!

As long as we’re looking forward to June, though, how about some pictures of Valentino Park in (what looks like) warm weather?  Just stumbled across these great images on  Check out the rest.

And if you’ve got ideas for this year’s Festival, now’s the time to tell us.  Send me an email- – if you know about a great youth group, a community organization doing good work in South Brooklyn, or if you want to volunteer (whether you want to teach a watercolor painting class on the pier or just help us take out the garbage when the night is over) at the Festival.

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