Daily Archives: February 3, 2010

Navegante @ Southpaw

Friends of DTE from Red Hook Festivals-gone-by (not to mention an awesome in-school performance at South Brooklyn), Navegante, has a big show coming up on Thursday at Southpaw (9PM), headlining for the BAM SOUNDS LIKE BROOKLYN FESTIVAL.

They’re an awesome band- check out their website for vids/music, and really seem to be taking off lately.  Buy tickets here or, for those of you on the dreaded f’book, check out the event page.

Falconworks & Other Friends on TV

Via McBrooklyn:

Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat visits Red Hook on Thursday, February 4, at 8:30pm

Neighborhood Beat is a great show that checks out a lot of the under-the-radar highlights in neighborhoods across the borough.  Looks like for this episode they’ve got old DTE friends Falconworks, the Kentler Gallery, plus Hope & Anchor and one unfamiliar name, Marsha Trattner.  Apparently Ms. Trattner is going to show us  the old art of blacksmithing, which I can tell you from my experience in the fourth grade- very cool.

Check it out tomorrow night on Brooklyn Independent TV (link for which channel that means for you).