PAVE/PS 15 Continue to Lock Horns

Ever since the PAVE academy, a charter school here in the neighborhood, announced that it would be extending its stay inside the PS 15 building beyond its originally-planned two year period, there has been quite a bit of back and forth between the two parties.

Photo from The Brooklyn Paper/ Tom Callan

Parents of PS 15 students feel that their children are being hurt by the presence of another school, adding more bodies to the school and potentially competing for resources.

PAVE, for its part, says that they are making the best out of an imperfect situation as they try to find their permanent home.

I’ll refrain from weighing in- if anything, the debate around charter schools is a complex one, and I think anyone who suggests that they are always/never a good thing isn’t looking at it from every side.  I will say that it’s a shame that these two schools, both committed to teaching young people and both with solid track records, have been put in this position of opposition.

According to an article in the Brooklyn Paper, though, the controversy may be en route to ending.

“We have $26 million from the Department of Education, and we’ve raised $6.2 million on our own,” said Wally Bazemore, a member of the PAVE Academy board of directors.

Bazemore added that the academy needs $6 million more to have full funding its own facility at Henry and Mill streets.

So who knows how long that could be.  Here’s hoping that a peaceful resolution is in sight, and that these two schools will continue to offer rewarding educational experiences for their students.


4 responses to “PAVE/PS 15 Continue to Lock Horns

  1. What track record?

    Pave has no track record. This is as incorrect statement. Charters do not get approved until after 5 years of operation. PAVE is just testing the waters as a charter school – all on the backs of the PS 15 School Community. So the almost 400 children of PS 15 and the Red Hook community suffer this for the about 40 kids in Pave that are from the Red Hook community? Does this make any sense, let alone spending tens of millions on a new school building in Red Hook where there are not enough children to fill all the schools there now?! Does the DOE know what it is doing? I think not.

  2. There will be no peace until PAVE vacates! PAVE says they are making the best out of an imperfect situation… this is a situation they created through their lies and manipulation to our community! They said two years to weasel in- they knew it wasn’t two years, we were fools enough to believe them. Now the DOE has funneled 26 million toward this billionares club, while our budgets are slashed. AND they still don’t have enough money to build… how long should the children of PS 15 and Red Hook suffer. PAVE out in 2010! For contact information on how to advocate visit: thank you!

  3. While one could argue in favor of a charter school in a neighborhood with only failing public schools, this is not the case with Red Hook and PS-15. It was inexplicable that the DOE decided to compromise the only successful public school in Red Hook by chopping off a big section of their building and giving it to PAVE Academy. Pave’s model of extremely long school days and strict regimentation has proved unattractive to PS-15 families, so PAVE has had to recruit even from other boros and bus their students in. And interesting that their “Mission Statement” never even mentions the word “community.” PS-15, on the other hand, truly serves its community with inn0vative partnerships with local businesses and arts organizations, counseling for parents, programs for special needs children, and free medical and dental care for students. They have done all this while maintaining high academic standards and serving a very unprivileged population.

    John Battis
    PS-15 parent

  4. Former Student

    we need to get together and rally Pave is tryna take ova PS15. if you care about ya childs education meet us at the rally jan 19-2010 @430 on richards st

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