Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

Sitting on Revere

The Brooklyn Eagle just ran a piece about developer Joe Sitt- his recently-struck deal with the city regarding Coney Island, and the general success he’s enjoyed  as a developer in Brooklyn without actually developing much of anything.  Check out the article for details- what caught my eye was a blurb at the end that focused on his ownership of the old Revere Sugar Factory site, predicting the importance of this one man for the future of the entire neighborhood.

This site is across an inlet from Greg O’Connell’s showplace Beard Street warehouse. It is also between two retail giants — Fairway and IKEA. So what is he going to do there, and when?

photo: Gowanus Lounge

That’s the big question.  Eagle writer Dennis Holt plays out a few possibilities, but of course it could be years before we get any real answers.  What should be done with the site?  What will be?  Let us know in the comments.