Daily Archives: November 16, 2009

SBIDC Helps Pharmacy Tear Down Bulletproof Glass

If you go down Van Brunt Street at all you’ve probably noticed the Grand Re-Opening of the pharmacy up by Wolcott.  “Nate’s Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies” (who knew that’s what it was called?) was looking for a way to improve the atmosphere by removing the long-standing bulletproof glass that separated customers and employees.

“It’s hard to talk to someone through glass, let alone bulletproof glass,” said Glezerman, a pharmacist originally from Bergen Beach. “The neighborhood needed that face to face interaction,” he added. “We wanted to service customers in a way that didn’t feel like a prison.”

Mr. Glezerman reached out to the Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation (the onetime home of DTE Board member Phaedra Thomas), and the SBIDC was able to help fund the store’s renovations through a grant from the state’s “Main Street Program.”  Woo woo!  Read the article on yournabe.com (courtesy of  Courier Life Publications) for more details or check out the pharmacy website.