DTE on the Red Hook “Green Map”

Super-cool “green map” of Red Hook popped up on our Google Alerts today, with hot spots like DTE, the Greenway Initiative, and even construction sites.  The only thing that’s not clear is who made it!

So, step up!  Did you put hours of time into making this map?  Looking for any more information?  Leave a comment and solve the mystery!


One response to “DTE on the Red Hook “Green Map”

  1. The Red Hook Green Map project is an initiative of City Parks Foundation, the only independent, nonprofit organization to offer programming in parks throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Youth participants in a City Parks Foundation educational program, Hook Productions, created the Red Hook Green Map. Hook Productions operates out of the Red Hook Recreation Center and provides audio-video production and technology training for middle and high school aged youth. City Parks Foundation joined the global movement of locally-led Green Map projects by using Green Map® System’s participatory mapmaking website, the Open Green Map, to teach local youth how to make a multi-voiced interactive map.

    There were 24 students in the Summer 2009 Hook Productions program that ranged in age from 14 to 20 years old and the majority of the students were from Brooklyn. The Hook Productions teens learned about video production, mapping, the local environment, and sustainability issues. They created this participatory map as a resource for the Red Hook community. The map includes site icons, site photographs, video interviews with community members, and site descriptions written by the teens.

    This map is meant to foster community dialogue. Please explore the Red Hook Green Map! Add your favorite places, your thoughts or memories about a place, and your wishes hopes and dreams for the future of a Red Hook space. You can make a comment about a site or suggest a site that should be added to the map. The Hook Productions slogan for the map is, “Oh Snap, add a site to the Green Map!”

    To navigate the map, click on a site icon and a bubble will pop up with the name of the site. Click on the site name or the plus sign on the upper right hand corner and the bubble will expand to show you tab options. The Overview tab gives the site description. The Comments tab is where the teens have recorded their thoughts about the site and where you can add a comment. The Multimedia tab has photos and video about the site. Click on an image to see whether it is a photo or video clip. You can add your own photo, video, or document!

    We invite you to visit the Red Hook Green Map and add your own perspective!

    You can visit the Red Hook Green Map at: http://www.opengreenmap.org/redhook
    To find out more about Hook Productions and other City Parks Foundation programs, visit: http://www.cityparksfoundation.org, http://www.hookproductions.org, and http://www.partnershipforparks.org
    To find out more about green maps visit: http://www.greenmap.org

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