Daily Archives: August 17, 2009

Flea Tacos?

Not nearly as off-putting as they sound- in fact, no actual fleas are harmed in the making of what the New York Times unfortunately labels “Flea Tacos”– because they’re available at the Brooklyn Flea flea market.
People from Red Hook, though, will recognize Fernando and Jolanda Martinez’s wares as ball-field vendor tacos (and huaraches, and…).  And though they’ll be happy to see the Vendy Awards showing Red Hook some love, any true devotee of the ballfields will probably wonder if the entire award show couldn’t be populated from the a 500 yard stretch by the soccer fields any given Saturday in Red Hook.

DTE on the Red Hook “Green Map”

Super-cool “green map” of Red Hook popped up on our Google Alerts today, with hot spots like DTE, the Greenway Initiative, and even construction sites.  The only thing that’s not clear is who made it!

So, step up!  Did you put hours of time into making this map?  Looking for any more information?  Leave a comment and solve the mystery!