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Ball-field Vendors Back in Less than a Month

Serious Eats has the news.

Soler Dominican @ DTE's Safe Harbor Benefit

Soler Dominican @ DTE's Safe Harbor Benefit

New blog in the Red Hook e-scape

Also an addendum to the previous post-

Adam Armstrong, quoted in the aforementioned New York Observer article, has begun his own blog- A View from the Hook– possibly solely about port emissions in Red Hook?  Maybe with a broader focus?

It’s unclear for now, but stay tuned for more from an obviously concerned and conscientious neighbor.

Battle Continues Over Pier 11-12

Useful update from the New York Observer about the continued controversey surrounding the EDC’s plans for the Red Hook piers.

At issue is the city Economic Development Corporation’s plan to lease the majority of Pier 11 to the beer distributor Phoenix Beverage, which is also leasing Piers 7 through 10 in a separate deal. That deal allows Phoenix to relocate from its current home in Long Island City.

But residents like Mr. Armstrong had hoped the city would endorse an alternative plan floated by Tom Fox, president of New York Water Taxi. Mr. Fox’s plan calls for a $100 million dollar Brooklyn Maritime Center, complete with full-service shipyard, marina, docks and a restaurant to be built at Piers 11 and 12, which together form a protected pool known as the Atlantic Basin.