Daily Archives: February 20, 2009

Bon Voyage to LeNell

While LeNell’s gets ready to RIP, it’s good to hear that LeNell is still well.
Check out the tat!


And lest you fear that you’ll cease to have reasons to make the trip to Van Brunt, check out Gothamist’s profile of what’s moving into the block.

Finally opening!

Finally opening!


CB6 Nixes Quick Fix

The Brooklyn Paper reports that CB6 is staying on top of The Toll Bros. development RE: affordable housing.

“[Toll Brothers] certainly represented the project as having affordable housing at its core — and that made people willing to accept something that is uncharacteristically larger than would otherwise be allowed,” CB6 District Manager and City Council hopeful Craig Hammerman said after the nearly unanimous Feb. 11 vote. “So if they are unable to provide that affordable housing, there is no reason they should be allowed to build something of that size and bulk.”

Well said.