Daily Archives: January 7, 2009

Introduction from La’Sean

My name is La’Sean Brooks. I am a student at South Brooklyn Community High School. I’ve been an intern here at Dance Theatre Etcetera now for about a month. I found out about D.T.E because of a program taught at my high school named Theatre Works. I intend on continuing my internship here until the end of the school year, which is also when I plan on graduating.

I basically started my internship because I know that soon I’ll be starting college and I wanted to be prepared for the real world. As an intern you get a lot of duties that can help prepare for that. This is my second internship. My first was for the Obama “Brooklyn for Barack” campaign, which involved a lot of the same things I do over here at D.T.E . Before I started interning, I didn’t really know too much on how to go about helping others out- especially not adults. I wasn’t used to being sort of in charge and not being treated as teenager. At my D.T.E internship, some things I’ve done were help with the annual benefit , look after the area while other programs were occurring, and day-to-day maintenance. Here at Dance Theatre Etcetera they treat me as an equal and no less .

Some things about me – I plan on attending college in the Fall of 2009 studying Communication. I love to laugh…I love listening to my ipod, hanging with my friends and…I am very friendly and I love and have no problem with trying new things.