Brooklyn Brewery

DTE’s Safe Harbor Benefit could not happen without the support of our community partners. Each week on the blog we’ll highlight one of the organizations donating to the event. This week we feature Brooklyn Brewery:

From The BB website:
“In 1984, Associated Press correspondent Steve Hindy returned from a six-year stint in the Middle East and settled in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. Hindi had caught the homebrewing bug from diplomats stationed in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia Kuwait and where alcoholic beverages were forbidden. With his downstairs neighbor, Tom Potter, a former lending officer at Chimical Bank, Hindy quit his job and found the Brooklyn Brewery. Their initial goal was to bring good beer back to New York City.”

To make a long story short, and as you already know if you live in New York City, the two men achieved that goal. Today Brooklyn Brewery beer is everywhere. You can pick it up (or request it!) at your local beer distributor, bar, and probably at the bodega on your corner.

You can take a tour of the brewery Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 12pm-5pm, and they also offer a regular Friday night happy hour. You have to check out the Brooklyn Brewwery website for info on all their other events, and to find out where you can buy that essential design piece for every bachelor pad (or bar)- the neon beer sign.

DTE thanks Brooklyn Brewery for their commitment to their community, whether it’s their progressive movement to wind-generated power (they were the first NYC company to do so) or their support of Brooklyn-based companies and artists. We thank them, most of all, for their generous sponsorship of the Safe Harbor Benefit. Buy your ticket now to guarantee yourself an evening in early December spent with good people and lots of good beer.

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