Daily Archives: November 14, 2008

"An Opportunity to Help Others"

That was the subject line on a recent email from Norma P. Munn, from the New York City Arts Coalition. Here was the message:
“I know the arts field has had some really bad news this week, and asking
everyone to do something for others may seem out of place. However, I also know this field and generosity of heart is very much a part of it.

Food banks in the City are experiencing unprecedented numbers of people
showing up for help. Like us, private donations are down at food banks and
the City is not able to do more for them.

This is a simple request. Please collect canned food from your audiences,
visitors, staff, etc. during the first weekend in December.

Ask everyone who walks onto your premises to bring a can of food for
donation to a food bank. There are literally thousands of people visiting
arts events December 5, 6, and 7th all over this City.

Whatever we can do, it will mean a few less people are without food during
the holidays, because as it stands now, many food banks will not make it
through December with enough to go around.”

DTE will be participating in this well-timed and very worthy project. Throughout the end of November and beginning of December we will be collecting canned food- if you’re coming into the office, going to Fairway, or live in the building, come by to say hello and think about dropping something off. DTE doesn’t have the constantly streaming audienes of some arts organizations, but we do have a strong community, and we can do our part to help New Yorkers in need this season.