Daily Archives: November 12, 2008


Among the fun to be had at DTE’s Safe Harbor Benefit in December will be a Best of New York Raffle, where you’ll have a chance to win prizes from gems in the neighborhood and around the boroughs. Each week on the blog we’ll highlight one of the donating organizations and let you know what you might win. This week we feature LeNell’s:

LeNell’s Ltd., a Wine & Spirit Boutique, boasts NYC’s largest bourbon selection, and has the southern pedigree to match it. The woman who runs it all (you can guess her name) says this:

“I like to think I brought with me many good things from my Southern upbringing that give my shop a totally different feel than most liquor stores. The store extends a warm invitation to chat a spell about wine, whiskey, and whatever. I found the perfect neighborhood for my business in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where everybody knows everybody and folks look out for one another. Of course, PaPa still thinks I’m a “high class bootlegger.” Come see me sometime!”

LeNell has been written up too many places to list here, but you can get an idea.

We thank LeNell for her generous contribution to the DTE Safe Harbor Benefit– a private whiskey lesson and bourbon tasting for four. To win that great prize and others, though, you have to be there.