My First Time at a Harvest Festival

This was my first time at the Harvest Festival. I never knew Red Hook had a farm, but it does. Now is your chance to go see it. When I went there I saw chickens running around. The workers were selling apples, peppers, etc.

In the Harvest Festival there were performances. I was watching a performance, it was great, they were singing in Arabic. Even though I have no idea what they were saying, it sounded great. I was shaking my head.

We made a tree. We wrote, “What’s growing in Red Hook?” Everyone put a leaf on the tree. It could be anything you want like one person wrote “My cousin got engaged.” I was sitting at the table watching Ruby. Ruby just graduated from NYU and she is an artist. She was drawing everyone’s portrait. It was free. It was hard to find somebody that wanted to go at first, but when she found a little girl that was strong enough to go then there was like 100 people that were on the line! She stopped when the harvest festival ended- they didn’t even give her a chance to pee!. This Harvest Festival reminds me of Haiti. When I was in Haiti sometime I go hunting with my uncle and we also picked yams!

–Tony St. Hilaire, DTE intern

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