Tony Talks About Drama Club

In my school, Brooklyn International High School every year we have Drama Club. In Drama Club we help students with their English. It doesn’t matter if you just came to the United States, we make you try to learn how to say everything in English. We also make you teach us how to say it in your language.

Every workshop we have to perform; students have to show something they have worked on that day in Drama Club. Sometimes we show a dance, or a scene or even a poem. On 12/8/08 we have a performance at Brooklyn International High School, and 12/15/08 we are going to NYU to perform. The theme for our performance is Journey. In Drama Club we create our own story to perform. Each of the students has to tell about their journey from their home country to the U.S. After that we look at all of those stories that the students have told, then we give our opinion about what we think. After we finish talking it over we create one big performance and perform in our school and NYU.

An interesting thing about Drama Club is having NYU students work with us. The NYU students are taking a class called Equal Exchange. Coming to work with us at BIHS is part of their class work.

In Drama Club we always have a buddy system. The buddy system is when we match a BIHS student to an NYU student. They can plan to go to a movie or visit the college, and the BIHS students can teach about their home country and their culture. My buddy, Rebecca, asks me a lot of questions!

-Jean Tony St. Hilaire, Junior, Brooklyn International High School

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